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*tries hard to think of something interesting to write in my 'about me' section*

I have been known to eat an entire Battenberg in one sitting? - No

I have never watched Star Wars? - Probably not the one

All of my blog posts are written whilst wearing a tent-like t-shirt and gorging on some Dairy Milk? - No, why would anyone even need to know that?

Ok, so maybe I should just hit you all with the generic, mind-numbing intro stuff (generic and mind-numbing are my area of expertise, after all).

So, I am an English Lit graduate who recently left behind the big city of Cardiff to return to rural Devon. In my 3 years at university, not only did I acquire a degree but also a lovely husband and a little baby bump (I don't waste time). These days you can usually find me pining after some cider or writing a heated letter to the Greggs head office about their insulting use of whipped cream on their scones (whipped though?!).

I have been running this blog since the beginning of time (2013) but am very inconsistent. Otherwise, I would have been the next Zoella already, no doubt. But now I am freed from the neverending cycle of deadlines and seminar prep that is higher education, I am trying to focus more on getting this blog off its feet.

This blog is mainly focused on lifestyle things like trips, and food, and lists, and more food but I chuck a couple of fashion pieces in the mix sometimes as well as opinion pieces. And probably too many pregnancy posts accompanied by pics of my naked stomach (you lucky things).

If you want to chat (please do!) hit me up on Twitter - I basically live there nowadays - or drop me an email. I am very open to working with brands as well (hint hint).

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