About Me

I never know what to write in this section so let's just start at the very beginning (I've heard it is a very good place to start).

This blog was born in 2012 after reading one too many fashion magazines and thought myself quite the Amanda Priestly. Back in the day, I wrote about clothes I had saved my pocket money up to buy and coach trips I went on with my auntie. I was also pretty fond of a tag post (remember those?).

Six years on and a lot has changed. I now have an English Lit degree, a lovely husband, and a one year old baby (yeah, they were a pretty busy six years). We live in the heart of not-so-sunny Devon and spend most of our time either in Exeter trying out new restaurants or at home eating Indian takeaway in our PJs whilst watching Gogglebox.

So, stick around for pictures of my outfits, parenting chat, family travel content, and the occasional local restaurant review.

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