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Wild Thing Cardiff: The Plant Based Cafe Giving Back To The Community

 36-38 Cathays Terrace, Cardiff CF24 4HX

As you may have noticed by the whole section on this blog entitled 'Cardiff Eats', I am pretty fond of exploring all the delicious cafes, takeaways, food trucks, and restaurants in my local area. And you can rest assured, I have tried a fair amount of them in the almost-a-year that I have been back in Cardiff (Lloyds Bank can attest to that...). But sometimes you go somewhere and it really sticks in your mind. Be it because you ate the most delicious meal there that made you feel like you were dining with God himself. Or maybe the staff were mega friendly and nice and made you feel so welcome. Or maybe it had insta-worthy interiors that had you snapping away on your phone trying to get all the angles for that perfect insta post (this is me whenever I go literally anywhere fyi). 

Or, like with Wild Thing Cardiff, you are struck by how valuable they are to their local community and how much good they are doing on a daily basis. Oh, and their cakes are pretty lush too.

Wild Thing Cardiff is a non-profit cafe based in Cathays (about 15 minute walk from the city centre - or 10 minutes if you aren't accompanied by a exercise-phobic toddler). They serve an entirely plant based menu Wednesday-Sunday and work on a 'pay what you can' basis meaning that you could opt for one of their suggested price points or pay less or more based on what you are able to pay at that time. They have indoors seating with a relaxed, casual vibe as well as outdoor seating in their super cute pink garden and a little canopy/yurt-like area. They have a menu that varies depending on when you visit (we visited on a Sunday when they were serving a brunch menu) as well as cakes and pastries that change daily and are available for takeaway.

One of the best things about Wild Thing is how engaged they are in the local community. One of their main focuses is tackling the big issue of food insecurity in Cardiff. They partner with several local organisations across the city that are working to help people facing food insecurity as well as dealing with food waste by hosting community dinners. Not only that but they have recently taken over some of the operational responsibilities of Cardiff's First Community Fridge with gives people access to free food 7 days a week. You can read more about what they are doing for the community in Cardiff here.

Not only do Wild Thing do some amazing work in the local community, but they food is next level too. I have tried a few cakes from there and have always been impressed - especially as everything is plant based too! My personal favourites from there have been their lemon iced bun which was so tangy and delicious as well as possibly my favourite drink ever - their lavender steamed oat milk. It sounds a little unusual but it is so comforting and just pure deliciousness. Honestly, just trust me and order it. You won't be disappointed.

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