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Trying Instagram's Favourite Cardiff Cafe: Blossom Cafe

 11 Wellfield Road, Cardiff CF24 3NZ 

Blossom Cafe is a place that has been on my radar for a while now. When it first opened, seemingly the whole of my instagram following flocked there - and it is easy to see why. With their suspended swing seats, plush blue velvet sofa chairs, flower wall, and vast array of cakes and other delicious treats, you would be a fool not to want to try it out. And the hype hasn't died down. Blossom Cafe continues to be one of the most recommended cafes amongst Cardiff instagrammers to date. So, I decided to go along and find out why. 

When I first arrived at Blossom Cafe, I was instantly struck by how beautiful the decor is. Everything feels very luxurious and, well, insta-worthy. Honestly, the photo opportunities in that place are seemingly endless. The flower wall is situated right as you enter and has two suspended metal swings and a pink neon sign with 'Blossom Cafe' written on it. The rest of the seating is a choice of typical cafe seats and deep blue soft chairs. There are splashes of gold around and the place just generally has a very expensive yet welcoming vibe. Everything was so pretty!

We chose to sit outside in their garden towards the rear of the cafe as we had both of the kids with us and felt like there was a lot less for them to destroy if they were outside. The garden was uncovered - but, thankfully, it is was a lovely sunny day - and the back wall was painted blue and had flowers and a portrait of Frida Kahlo painted on it. The garden was kitted out in decking and had mostly wooden picnic style tables and chairs as well as a couple of 'proper' tables and chairs. One thing I will add is that getting to the garden was a bit of a squeeze with the pushchair and, with the decking, this may not be the most accessible option for a wheelchair user. 

My one worry when visiting Blossom Cafe was that it would be kinda style over substance like some of these popular places on Instagram can be - especially as the decor is such a focal point. But I was really surprised by how good the food was! Their menu caters to the average person looking for an afternoon coffee and cake or brunch with a great range of salads and poke bowls. But my favourite thing about Blossom Cafe was the amount of Turkish dishes and flavours they had on the menu.

I opted for simit which was like a bagel but larger and slightly thinner and covered in sesame seeds. It was served with a choice of sides and dips ranging from tahini to nutella. I was in a savoury mood so I went for the tomato salad - and I am so happy with my decision! Even if the rose and pistachio cake was calling my name. The simit was served warmed and it was lovely to break bits off and scoop up the tomato salad with them. The salad itself was mixed with mint, chives, and red onion and just tasted so fresh.

Ava ordered the Victoria sponge and my partner Shane asked that they could top it with something pink as she is currently obsessed with all things pink. It came out with a drizzle of strawberry sauce on it and some pink edible flowers - she was so excited! I managed to sneak a little bit of the massive slice that she somehow managed to devour entirely and it was really nice - filled with fresh cream and strawberry jam. Shane shared a carrot cake with Asaba and he said that it was one of the best he has tried - high praise from a chef! The carrot cake had a really nice balance of spices - and it was gluten free (yes, I did try everyone's food...). And we ordered another simit for the kids to munch on whilst we walked home.

Overall, I would highly recommend visiting Blossom Cafe. Not only are the interiors stunning, the food is really nice. I would really recommend the simit or any of their other Turkish bakes that I have seen on their instagram. I will definitely be returning to try the Turkish breakfast asap - and to take some more cute pics in front of the flower wall.

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