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Instagram Content You Can Create At Home

 My favourite type of content to share on Instagram is pictures from when I am out and about. I love going to cafes and taking loads of pictures of my coffee and cake (and probably really annoying whoever I am with in the process). I love being out in nature and taking pictures of my kids exploring - there is nothing better than being able to capture the natural joy and enjoyment on their faces as they explore somewhere new. I also really love travel content - sharing pictures of new places I have been and giving recommendations of where people should visit is something I really like doing on Instagram. 

But the reality of life (at least, for me) is that you can't always be out and about - and I think this past year has really shown me that. I can't always afford to go to nice cafes. Since Ava started nursery full time (as she is now 3!), my timetable revolves a lot more around school runs and there is less freedom to up and go whenever I want to. And sometimes I honestly just feel too tired to be out. Sometimes I just want to curl up on the sofa in my PJs and order the greasiest takeaway I can find. 

And my content has started to show that - particularly on Instagram. Over the last year, I have worked a lot more on creating content inside and honing my skills to create better flatlays and take the kind of pictures I want to take without it having to be a whole outing to achieve that.

So, I thought I would share with you guys my favourite styles of content that I have being playing around with on Instagram over the past year that I have really grown to enjoy creating.


Flatlays are probably the main style of content that I have really been working on over the past year - both for Instagram and professionally for my online shop. I love the versatility of this type of content. You can take flatlays on your bed - I like to create relaxing, slow morning set ups when my bed is the backdrop with a magazine, a candle, some sweet snacks, a big mug of coffee, and some soft textures in there from the duvet and additional fabrics. You can also create more professional flatlays by incorporating a backdrop. Personally, I use a grey vinyl backdrop that resembles slate or stone and has areas of light and dark and some more textured looking patches. I feel like this works really well to showcase products as well as food photography as it highlights the one thing you are trying to bring to the forefront of the image and is a blank canvas to work with.

If you are struggling with flatlays, try sticking to a tonal colour scheme. Choose what you want to be the focus of the image and strive to make the other props complement it rather than overpower it - maybe consider lifting the subject a little higher than everything else. You could also play around with image depth by putting something close to your camera lens like a bunch of flowers - just make sure it can still focus on the subject rather than on the flowers.

Mirror selfies

I have always been really interested in creating fashion content but, for the longest time, I felt pressured to go outside and take pictures outside doing things. I thought that outfit pictures taken at home just wouldn't be good enough. I was so wrong. I recently bought a full length mirror and have just been snapping pictures of my outfits on my phone in it and it is consistently my most engaged with content. I would really recommend trying this or investing in a tripod to take cute pictures of yourself at home.

Corners of my home

Another pretty simple content idea is taking pictures of cute spaces within your home. I love seeing how people style their homes - and getting ideas on where I can buy cute nick nacks from - and it is really simple to do. Whether it is the fresh bunch of flowers on your dressing table with all your perfumes and pretty jewellery bits in the background or the kids room with their seasonal books arranged on the shelves or showing the prints they have hanging on their walls. I also love to use these cute corners as a backdrop to show off other things like a freshly brewed mug of coffee or a big slice of cake that I am about to tuck into. Simply place this in situ and snap away! It looks natural whilst still creating content that is more than insta-worthy. It also adds another aspect to the shot rather than it just being a typical decor shot.

Kids dress up

My kids are 1 and 3 and are both absolute whirlwinds. It is difficult to find them in the same place at any one time and, if they are, rest assured they are fighting. So, photographing my kids isn't the easiest thing. But I have learnt that if you want to get a good shot of your children, giving them a task really helps as it distracts them from the fact that you are taking a picture and means they won't be sticking their tongues out at the camera just to wind you up (because, of course, nothing is ever easy). However, I think dress up really works! Especially now my daughter is 3 and a half and really into princesses. It also adds a fun element to the shot - and it is really nice to capture them enjoying pretend play like that. Our favourite is princesses and princes as Ava loves doing the full dress up whilst Asaba is happy just to wear his little crown (that he actually brings to me and grunts at me or says 'more' until I put it on his head).

Bath board shots

I feel like this one is a bit of an extension of flatlays but can be really fun to play around with as it can feel a bit more natural than a typical flatlay whilst still being quite contrived so you get to play around and make it exactly how you want it to be. 

I have a light wood colour bath board that usually I will light a candle on, balance a book on, maybe pop a cup of coffee on there, and add some flowers too, as well as some bath/beauty products. But the best part of this style of content is that you can have the bath itself looking however you'd like. You can play around with milk baths full of flowers or add a bath bomb or just have bubbles. There are so many options and so many different colours and styles to play around with. Because of this, you can continually use this style of shot without it seeming too 'samesy' because the colours and background are always changing.

What is your favourite style of content to create?

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