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5 UK Destinations I Am Desperate To Revisit

 This pandemic has taught me a lot of things. Aside from all the big revelations about how quickly reality can completely change, it has really helped me learn things about myself that I wouldn't have otherwise had the opportunity to find out. First and foremost, I am an awful baker. I once made a cheesecake that was somehow frozen and liquid at the same time. Two complete different molecular states coming together in a dessert from hell. I also learnt that I cannot make a dalgona coffee to save my life. And that I am not an arts and crafts mum, no matter how hard I try. And finally, most importantly, that I have really been taking travel for granted. 

Before the pandemic, I used to go on a fair few trips around the UK - whether it was a weekend in London or a day trip to a nearby city or a mini break up north somewhere. I absolutely loved exploring my local area as well as venturing a bit further afield and it is something that I have really missed doing over the past year. That being said, it has given me a good amount of time to really sit down and think about where I would love to see next (or, yknow, daydream about travelling and once again being able to pay £15 for three pancakes and an underwhelming amount of syrup in an overpriced cafe all in the name of trying somewhere new). And the list is pretty big! 

But what I thought was a little more interesting was the amount of places that I am super keen to revisit. I think it really says a lot about a place when you are dying to go back there rather than try somewhere new. All of the places on my revisit list have something special about them though. They are either bustling cities that are constantly reinventing themselves and always have something new to see and do or are the kind of places that feel like a home away from home. The places that make you feel relaxed and you go home feeling revitalised.


Bath is a city that I have been wanting to revisit for ages now but have never gotten round to it. The last time I was in Bath was actually way back in 2014 for a Jane Austen Festival that was being held there. It was on that trip that I also got to have a look around the Fashion Museum which was really really interesting. 

Despite the fact that I have been to Bath on several occasions, I feel like there is so much more to see there. I would love to visit the rooftop spa that everyone talks about and I would love to see the Roman baths - I am surprised that I have never actually visited them!

There is something quite whimsical about Bath with the architecture and whole energy that the place exudes. It feels very old-worldy whilst still being full of stuff to see and do. Namely, I would love to explore all the little cafes and bakeries that I have a suspicion are nestled down cobbled side streets which I must have missed on previous visits.


During lockdown, I have been watching a whole load of food travel videos on YouTube. Like, Food Insider is pretty much all I watch these days. And that has given me a whole catalogue of places in London that I want to go for food - I may have to do a separate blog post on this just to have them all in one place, like a London food bucket list.

That is pretty much the main reason I am keen to revisit London - the food. But also just for that London buzz. There is just something about being in a giant city where there is something new to see around every corner. And, despite the fact that I actually lived in London for a little while and have been on many trips there throughout my life, I still feel like there is so much more of London to see.

Top of my London to-do list would have to be China Town - even I am surprised that I have never been! I would also love to revisit my old stomping ground of Greenwich (when I was pregnant with Ava, I lived in Blackheath right nearby but always walked through Greenwich Park down to Greenwich to go to the market and sit beside the Cutty Sark with my little market lunch). And I would just like to wander around the pretty bits of London in typical blogger fashion and be a nuisance taking pictures on a billionaire's doorstep (in the hope that maybe one will adopt me and leave me their fortune) and then go back to my overpriced hotel with overpriced baked goods in hand and relax.


Cornwall is one of those places that I feel is good for the soul. It is a region that I haven't visited in years but it always seemed so peaceful. I love that the whole region is mostly made up of small coastal towns that are filled with cream tea shops and gift shops that smell of incense and are full of the most beautiful gems and seashells you will ever see. Not to mention the beaches! I think Cornwall has some of the most beautiful beaches in the country.

Specifically, I would love to revisit Tintagel. It was a family favourite of ours growing up and I love how steeped in history and intrigue it is with the tale of King Arthur and the castle ruins that sit on the cliff overlooking the coast. It has a real 'lost in time' feel to it which is so calming and is perfect if you want to unwind and separate yourself from the fast-pace of modern life for a little bit.

The Lake District

The Lake District is another place that I have previously lived in but still feel like I haven't seen enough of. The whole of the Lake District is beautiful with rolling hill and huge lakes and charming towns and villages full of cafes and hiking shops. Where I lived in Ambleside was absolutely stunning - I still feel lucky that I got to experience that and those views were just part of my daily life.

I would love to explore some of the other towns in The Lake District as I actually visited so few of them when I lived in Ambleside. I would also love to go on more lake boat tours (I did one and it was awesome) and go for a proper hike. I am not usually a big exercise person but I feel like it has to be done to appreciate the beauty of this area.


I have been to Edinburgh 3 times already but it is still somewhere I would love to see again - as well as more of Scotland as a whole. Edinburgh has quite a historical vibe to it with the castle that sits on a hill overlooking the city and the cobbled streets but it is also quite youthful and has a really fun energy to it. 

There isn't one particular thing I would like to do in Edinburgh. Honestly, I would love to just amble about and soak up the sights. I would also love to try some more traditional Scottish food. And I would love to revisit Howies on Victoria Street as that is up there as one of my favourite ever restaurants that I have been to whilst travelling. I would also love to take advantage of the location and explore the outskirts of Edinburgh - especially the more rural parts. I also would like to revisit the castle as my previous visit was rather fleeting and I think there was so much more to take in than I did that day.

Where are you desperate to revisit in the UK? Did any of mine make your list?

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