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Small Businesses To Support In 2021

This Christmas, I chose to support as many small businesses as possible. As I started my own Esty page at the start of 2020, it showed me how much time and effort small business owners put into each sale - so, I wanted to bring that little bit of joy to as many people as possible by supporting their shops. And that is an energy I want to maintain as we move into 2021. I want to shop small and shop local as much as possible. I want to buy off Etsy as much as possible - and just celebrate people's creativity and hard work in the products they make.

So, I thought I should put together a little post sharing my favourite small businesses that I want to support throughout 2021. Many of these are people I know in real life that I am immensely proud of for focusing in on their passions and making something of it. And others are most likely people I have discovered on Instagram that make super cute stuff.

Nord66 Chocolates

I would say I am biased here but, to be honest, I really am not - even if he is my boyfriend. Shane is a chef but turned his hand to making chocolates during the first lockdown. Now we are in the third lockdown here in Wales and he is reopening his shop once again after a brief Christmas break. Not only are his chocolates absolutely stunning to look at (trust me, having them in the fridge but knowing I can't touch them is like my own personal hell) but the flavour combinations he comes up with are awesome - and definitely not your typical basic caramel or orange creme filling. He is currently working on a blood orange ganache (which is heavenly) and even a rose and lychee filling too! He changes up his flavours each month to match what is in season so be sure to follow him to see what he'll do next.


This Etsy shop is owned by my uni friend Becky. We were housemates when we were studying in Cardiff and she was doing illustrations whilst I was doing English Lit. For the longest, I have been saying she should open an Etsy shop because she is mega talented - and she has! She sells eco-friendly handmade scrunchies as well as hand-drawn greeting cards. I am really excited to see where she goes with her small business as we go into the new year because, like I said, this girl has so much talent and I know anything she turns her hand to will be amazing.


Fwdge is a small business I came across on Instagram and instantly fell in love with the look of their products. They handmake fudge here in Wales and it is heavenly. Literally the best fudge I have ever tried (and I'm from Devon - we know our fudge). I originally bought a pack (pretty last minute) for my brother's girlfriend's birthday present but it didn't arrive in time - luckily for me! I managed to get her something else and ate the lot myself. It was so, so good. Creamy and melt in the mouth goodness. Full of flavour. Literally if you want to treat yourself, order from Fwdge. You won't regret it.

Cake Or Death

Cake Or Death is another Instagram find and one that I was instantly drawn to because of their packaging. They do the most amazing bright pink leopard print boxes - and, the best part, they are full of brownies! Their speciality is vegan brownies. These are another thing that I ordered for my brother's girlfriend (as the back up gift) and they went down so well. Honestly, I am eating my way through this lockdown and what better way to do it than with homemade brownies?

Ystrad Bath and Bubbles

Ystrad Bath And Bubbles is another small business based here in Wales that I am obsessed. It is run by my boyfriend's mum and she makes the most amazing bath bombs in a load of different shapes - ranging from everything from Peppa Pig to hamsa hands. They smell amazing but my favourite thing about them is the colour they give off. They make the bath so vibrant and all have a mix of colours in them giving a nice gradient to the water - and they are cruelty free! So, if you are looking for a cheaper alternative to Lush without ditching the ethics or the quality - check this brand out!

Black Rose Decoden

Black Rose Decoden is a small business that recently opened. They are based in Wales and make custom phone cases for whichever phone type and style you want. I recently got a phone case from them which is moon themed and it is gorgeous. I love the tones and colours they used as well as all the stars and little moons. It is so cute and well made. Definitely would recommend them if you are looking for a new phone case.

What's your favourite small business?

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