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Redefining Your Approach To Travel*

 It’s true to say that much of our approach to travel has changed somewhat in recent months - for obvious reasons. However, I still firmly believe that no matter what kind of blip in the road we may come across, even for seasoned travellers like ourselves, we can surmount and come back better and more informed from the challenge.

Perhaps the limited amount of travel we can partake in right now will give us a renewed appreciation for how we might travel further afield in the future, and what kind of activities we might get up to. It has also helped us to look back on our past adventures with fresh eyes and draw new conclusions from them, moving forward and using these lessons to squeeze even further value the next time we come to book a trip.

Not only this but being deprived of foreign travel and exploration can make us better travellers in the future.

Here’s how we would recommend redefining your approach to travel when the world opens up once more:

Making It More Cultural

Make your approach to travel more cultural. Take the time to appreciate a different culture, be mindful of how you explore it, and ensure you see the tourist traps alongside plenty of side activities. Take a careful, respectful approach to its history. You might decide to speak to the locals and eat in the most authentic restaurants. You might spend some time in a local town that really helps you get a true idea of what the local culture is like - rather than just sticking to the tourist areas. In other words, taking the time to go out of your way to be more of a traveller and less of a tourist can often bear fruit and helps you enjoy your approach even more.

Purpose-Driven Trips

Purpose-driven trips can be incredible if you schedule them right. When everything opens back up again and restaurants get back into the swing of things, heading on a food tour can help you not only indulge like you’ve been dreaming of this past year, but it helps you truly enjoy food that you may not have otherwise. It is also a great way to help support local business and divert your money into localised economies rather than support giant chains.

Doing Some Good

Why not perform a random act of kindness whilst you are travelling? The top volunteer organisations in Sri Lanka are known to offer a range of excellent and impactful experiences that can truly help you assist the local community whilst learning more about their culture. Doing some good not only helps you feel as though your wanderlust is more than self-serving but it helps you do some actual good and make a small but meaningful impact. It is win-win and it may introduce you to a side of traveling that you rarely get to see. This can be a great options if you are taking some time to explore and try new things before a professional or academic career begins too.

I hope these tips have helped you to think about ways you can redefine your approach to travel and consider the impact foreign travel has on local communities and the people who inhabit those areas.

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