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Beauty Products I'm Loving Right Now

 I've never been a huge beauty person. I have a couple of makeup faves (Body Shop tea tree foundation is my ride or die) and I occasionally dabble in skincare but beauty has never been a massive part of my life. So, when I do try something new - especially when I try something new and absolutely love it - it feels like kinda a big deal. So much so that I want to tell everyone I know to immediately go out and purchase that product - like that very second (hence this post).

As we've just had Christmas and maybe also because I have developed a real hobby for online shopping during the lockdowns, I have been trying out a few new bits. And some of it has really impressed me! In all honesty, it may just be the fancy packaging and pretty colours that have drawn me in - I am no beauty guru, let's put it that way - but all of these would deffo make cute gifts or yknow gifts for yourself (my favourite - and increasingly common - type of gift).

Good Molecules Face Serums

(gifted) Good Molecules is a company I hadn't heard of prior to them contacting me but I have been using their products everyday since they arrived on my doorstep (in fabulous, colourful packaging). And now I couldn't live without them! They do this colour correcting serum that has really helped me calm down my rosy cheeks and the products just leave my skin feeling so good and fresh. They're not oily at all and don't feel heavy - they are just lovely and gentle enough to use everyday (even with my sensitive skin!). I am so happy I got the chance to be introduced to this company and will deffo be exploring more of their products in future (they have this pineapple exfoliating powder that has really caught my eye!).

Lush Sleepy Body Lotion

Lush is one of those places that I used to shop in all the time. In fact, I remember spending all of my birthday money on a slightly dodgy, possibly counterfeit gift box of Lush goodies off ebay once. That is how Lush obsessed I was. Nowadays, I can appreciate a good Lush bath bomb. Or one of their face masks that need to be kept in the fridge - but it isn't somewhere I often shop. Honestly, it is a little too pricey for me and most of the stuff I can find good alternative for from small businesses. That all changed though when I was gifted the Lush Sleepy body lotion for Christmas. Now lavender is one of my favourite scents so this was already bound to be an instant win but I didn't expect to love it as much as I do. It leaves my skin so soft and isn't too heavy - especially as my skin struggles to absorb most body lotions and oils. The colour is a gorgeous purple tone and has iridescent shimmers through it. And it just smells oh so good. Literally go to Lush and sniff it.

Ystrad Bath And Bubbles Bath Bombs

This Etsy shop is owned by my boyfriend's mum (no, I'm not biased) and she makes the most incredible bath bombs. Yes, that bath water in the picture is from one of her bath bombs! These bath bombs are cruelty free and really well priced whilst also being nicely fragranced (but not overpowering) and they give off such vivid colours. Honestly, I would never buy bath bombs from anywhere else, these are just that good.

What are your current beauty faves?

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