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How To Pick Investment Jewellery Pieces*

 Over recent years, there’s been a lot more emphasis on sustainability in fashion. This is now extending into related areas such as jewellery. The key to sustainability is getting maximum impact from minimum items. This typically means going for quality over quantity. With that in mind, here is a quick guide on how to pick investment jewellery pieces.

Investment means cost-per-wear

In terms of jewellery (and fashion) an investment piece is a piece which delivers great cost-per-wear. Often these are the mid-priced pieces. Top-end pieces may end up unworn, or at least only worn on very special occasions, precisely because they are so expensive and often delicate. Lower-end pieces are unlikely to last.

Mid-range pieces, by contrast, tend to hit the sweet spot between premium materials and workmanship and more affordable prices. This means that they can be worn regularly without worrying either about security or about them breaking.  

They also tend to have resale value, so if you do want a change you can often sell them pre-loved. This is particularly likely if you buy pieces from a respected brand, for example, Thomas Sabo bracelets.

Versatile pieces tend to get the most wear

A versatile piece is a piece which goes with a lot of the looks you like to create. With jewellery, this is less about coordinating colours and more about coordinating shapes and silhouettes. This has two key implications. Firstly, you need to choose the right types of jewellery for your personal style. Secondly, you need to choose the right variation of those pieces.

The basic rule of thumb is that the more drama you want to show in your hair and clothes, the more minimal your jewellery needs to be. For example, if you love making your hair the highlight of your look, then you generally want to stick to simple, or no, earrings. You probably want to be careful with necklaces too.

If you have an established personal style then you might enjoy investing in a few statement pieces. If, however, you’re still experimenting or you like to change your look regularly, it’s probably better to stick with simpler pieces. Remember that these can always be layered to create the effect of a single, statement piece.

Investment jewellery is timeless

Investment jewellery is based on solid design principles rather than seasonal trends. This means that it can be worn at any time of year for year after year. Sometimes it will tie in with the key fashion trends, but this will tend to be by coincidence rather than by intention.

For example, a high-quality piece of pearl jewellery can be worn continually, regardless of whether “the pearl trend” is “in” during any given fashion season. Fast-fashion jewellery pieces, by contrast, will be produced in response to a trend and will totally buy into it. This in itself shortens the lifespan of fast-fashion jewellery.

What’s more, fast-fashion jewellery tends to be produced using low-quality materials. This keeps costs down but again limits how long a piece can be worn. It also increases the risk that the jewellery will irritate a person’s skin.

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