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Christmas Gift Guide 2020: Small Business Edition

 2020 is the year I launched my own business. It is also the year that my boyfriend launched his own business. Oh, and my sister too. And my friend from uni! So, you could say that this is the year that I really got to see what owning a small business is all about. And what I discovered is that a lot goes into it. I mean, it is not just pottering away in your kitchen making something cute and uploading it to etsy and, bam, overnight you have a successful business. Although a large amount of time has been spent pottering around in my kitchen experimenting with resin and soy wax and different jewellery designs, an even larger portion of that time has been spent doing all the behind the scenes jobs like product photography and promo and actually packaging and posting orders and ordering supplies. It has really made me develop a deeper sense of respect for people who do this on a larger scale so, in light of that, I really wanted to buy as much as I could from small businesses this year (albeit on a budget). And I thought I would bring you guys along for the ride! 

I will probably end up doing two parts to this 'miscellaneous small business' gift guide and I also have a food focused one coming up and hopefully a kids one too. I would also love to do a real budget friendly gift guide of stocker fillers that are actually super affordable.

So, let's get in it!

A seashell candle from Lunar & Bloom 
(ad my shop) Cheeky bit of self promo here but I have recently started making candles alongside the jewellery I was already selling on my etsy page and I am mega excited about the results. These seashell candles were my first attempt at candles making and I really like how they came out! I will be branching into jar candles too as soon as the supplies arrive so I am mega excited about that too.

Earrings from Silver and Birch
(gifted) So, I first wanted to discuss Silver & Birch because I am absolutely in love with all their products. They gifted me these red stud earrings that are made of resin and have a real flower imbedded in them. Not only are they so unique and beautiful (and very well made - because resin can be so hard to work with), they are the most comfortable earrings I have ever worn. I haven't had my ears pierced that long (it was a first lockdown crisis decision) but my studs I got from Claire's have always been a nightmare to get in and out. The backs would be so difficult to fit back on and I am awful with anything fiddly so trying my first pair of Silver & Birch earrings was a revelation. When I tell you that earring back just glid on like it was nothing. And I know it is something so small to get excited over but it is a real sign of a quality earring. They do beautiful necklaces and homeware too. Honestly, I am obsessed.
Funky socks from ChattyFeet
(gifted) Gifting socks is an absolute Christmas must! Whether it is a present for your dad or uncle who are always super difficult to buy for but always appreciate a pair of new, jazzy socks, a stocking filler, or maybe even a treat for yourself to ring in the holiday season - ChattyFeet is a great place to check out for all your sock needs. 

A bee necklace from Flower Haze
My sister recently launched her own little online shop and has been working really hard making a tonne of products to sell. My favourite of hers is the little bee necklaces that she makes. They are so cute and for such a good price too!

A candle to help you get a better night's sleep from Echor
(gifted) As a mum, the best gift I could ever be given is a lie in. Echor's better sleep range is the next best thing. They make candles and pillow sprays and other products to promote a better night's sleep. They are made of gorgeous smelling ingredients that are also calming and relaxing to help you sleep longer and heavier.

A funny Christmas card from BKWEcodesigns
(gifted) My friend Becky from uni recently launched BKWEcodesigns and I'm so excited for her because she is so talented. She sells Christmas cards that she illustrates herself, handmade mini gift boxes, and gorgeous scrunchies that she makes herself. 

A vegan backpack from Kula Bags
(gifted) We all have that one friend who is vegan and loves all things eco but is also an absolute nightmare to buy for. You don't want to keep buying them the same things everyone is getting them - vegan chocolate, plant-based cosmetics, and literally anything made of hemp. So, here is the perfect solution! A vegan backpack that is functional, eco-friendly, and long-lasting.

What's your favourite small business?

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