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Christmas 2020

 Christmas was a little different for us this year - as I'm sure it was for everyone. Whilst we had planned to spend a few days over Christmas at my parents' house with my full family, our plans kinda got thrown out the window with the announcement of a Welsh lockdown directly before Christmas. This meant that restrictions were only lifted for Christmas Day itself. So, Christmas a lot more chilled than we had planned. A bit smaller. Quieter. But it was also lovely for all those reasons. 

Me, my boyfriend, and the kids all celebrated on the 24th (as he is part Swedish so his family usually celebrate Christmas on Christmas Eve rather than Christmas Day) and exchanged gifts and had our Christmas dinner (lovingly prepared by my boyfriend - we had pork wellington instead of turkey and it was so lush!). Then we spent the evening preparing for Father Christmas to come visit the kids in the night. It was the first year that Ava was actually able to kinda understand the whole concept of Father Christmas and was so excited to help me pour out the glass of milk and choose which biscuits he'd like. That also meant that she was way too excited to sleep and kept us up half the night (it's a good thing she's cute!). 

The first thing Ava said when she woke up was 'did Santa eat the biscuits?'. She was so keen to go into the front room and see if he had been - and was beyond hyped to see all the mess he had made with those biscuits and the big bites out the carrots too. He had even left her and Asaba stockings under the table and a few more presents under the tree.

Whilst my boyfriend slept (he had taken the night shift), me and the kids looked at their gifts and ate chocolate for breakfast and danced to Christmas songs (albeit Pinkfong covers - can't win them all). We had leftovers from Christmas Eve for our lunch and got the house ready for my family to visit. We put out a tonne of cheese and biscuits and my boyfriend has made a big sausage roll with bacon inside.

Then my family all arrived and we exchanged more presents, got a little tipsy (some more than others...), and rocked out to 00s classics. It was such a perfect ending to our little family Christmas and I was so grateful to have spent it with so many wonderful people who make my life so much more beautiful. And to have had such a lovely first Christmas with my boyfriend. 

What did your Christmas look like?

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