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5 Things I'm Doing To Feel More Festive This Year

Usually I am mega festive by now. Ok, honestly, I am mega festive by mid November. Like I am one of those people who totally overdo it and have Mariah Carey blaring out as soon as Halloween is over. But this year? It is all just a little meh. Maybe it is the whole novelty of being at home eating your weight in chocolate not really being a novelty anymore? I mean, I have been doing that since March. Or maybe it is the Christmas markets and festive meals out and family gatherings kinda not happening quite as much this year? Or maybe I have just succumbed to my fate and am now just a big, old Scrooge? 

So, to try to counteract this whole 'meh' feeling and release my inner Buddy The Elf, I have been doing a few little things. And I think it is starting to work? 

Go crazy on the present wrapping

Now I am usually a 'chuck paper at it and then sellotape it to death' kinda gal but, this year, I am trying to be a little more thoughtful in my present wrapping. I've got twine and ribbon and 3 different types of name tags and cute paper from Tiger. I have actually written out cards for the first time since secondary school. And I am really enjoying it. Even though it feels like a never ending pile of presents to sort through, it has been nice to make a thing of it and be a little more thoughtful about it.

Decorate the house

One of my favourite festive moments this year was going to Tiger (yes, I am obsessed) with Ava and letting her pick out a decoration for the tree. This is something I would love to do every year as it feels so special knowing we picked that out together. Also letting the kids get involved in decorating has made it a lot less of a chore. Although I did have to go back and rearrange the tree a little once they fell asleep...

Have an Xmas dance party with the kids

This afternoon, I put on some Christmas music. Just casually, in the background. Much to my surprise, the kids started totally rocking out to that 'war is oveeeer' song. Asaba was headbanging. It was crazy. And so fun. 

Eat all of the Christmas food

Now I'm gonna admit something here. I bought a box of Quality Street - like a whole family size tub - yesterday after and... they are all gone. The spirit of Christmas must have possessed me because I am sure the kids couldn't have had more than 5 out of the tub. But yknow what, I was feeling much merrier afterwards - also a little sick.

Go for an evening stroll and see all the decorations around your neighbourhood

This was one of my favourite things to do as a kid around Christmastime. Wrapping up all snug in my hat and gloves and wandering around our neighbourhood with my family and looking at all the Christmas displays. Bonus points if you have a hot chocolate when you get in. Especially if it is mint or orange flavour. Oh, and a mince pie, ofc.

What do you do to feel festive?

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