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Mini Halloween Room Tour

 I think this must be the first year that I have actually decorated for Halloween. Usually, I will buy a little pumpkin or two and pop it on the sideboard for a few weeks until it gets green spots on it and I start to panic that it is going mouldy and contaminating the whole house then it is off to the bin with it. But this year, I have actually purposefully gone out and bought decorations. Unfortunately though, I really only have a couple of places in the house that I can properly decorate. Because of this lockdown, I haven't been able to get my dad over to do all the DIY bits I want doing (I do not trust myself putting anything up on the walls in this rented flat) so the shelves I had planned have not come into fruition. However, I am quite happy with my spooky corners. And I am debating getting some Halloween bedding and cushions to take the theme further but, on the other hand, I feel like it is almost Halloween now and I wouldn't have long to gaze upon my spookiness before it is all filed away in favour of the Christmas decorations (oops, not the c word in October!). 

In all honesty, I have been a bit disappointed in the selection of Halloween stuff in shops this year. I mean, I took the bus all the way to big Tesco especially and there was barely one aisle. But one place I have been loving is Tiger for Halloween bits. It is all so affordable and cute too (not tacky at all). Also Etsy is amazing for unique decorations - I think if I was mega rich, I would solely kit my house out with bits off Etsy, I am a woman obsessed. I think I am going to do a whole other blog post about my favourite seasonal Etsy finds.

Chest of drawers decs: the details

I got this cute, little paper pumpkin garland that I have strung up over my chest of drawers in co-op actually. It was right by the tills and only like £2 or something so it was perfect. The mini crochet pumpkin however was a local small business find. In St David's shopping centre, they have a shop with a range of local sellers with tables in there so that is where I found this guy - I really couldn't leave him behind. I later found the seller's Instagram and Etsy which is great because she deserves loads more sales. The little pumpkins I found in Lidl - they also have a load of different squashes on sale in all different shapes, sizes, and colours and Ava just loves looking at them whenever we go in there. And the 'with my witches' slogan jumper is actually older than both my kids! I bought it way back in the first year of uni and somehow still manage to squeeze myself into it all these years later. I bet you could find it on depop easily enough though.

Dressing table details

The other bit of space I have in my room to decorate is my dressing table. I like to keep this quite tidy and organised as it helps me to feel a bit more relaxed and like I have everything under control - although you definitely wouldn't think that if you saw the rest of the house. So, I just added a little Halloween candle (£2 from Lidl) and a paper pumpkin which came in a pack of three from Tiger. I also recently added this (gifted) flag that says 'hip hip hooray' to my dressing table and I think it looks really cute.

Honestly, I dream of the day when I have more square footage to absolutely cover in spooky goodness but I hope that my little space and minimal decs at least inspired you to head out to Tiger or have a browse of Etsy and pick up something cute just in time for Halloween.

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