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Little Things I Want To Enjoy With The Kids This Autumn

These days, I feel like I don't often have a huge amount of time to really slow down and enjoy things. There is always another job on my list that needs doing - I guess that kinda comes with the territory of being a solo parent to two young kids. So, I have been pushing myself more lately just to live in the moment and enjoy the little things. Be it cuddling the kids on the sofa in the mornings and making the laundry wait or going for a day out somewhere just because. And, I have to say, we have had some lovely moments. We recently went down to Barry Island completely spontaneously. It was like 1.30pm and I was like 'let's go to the beach!'. And I am a planner (in case the fact that you are reading a list post hadn't already indicated that) so this was really unlike me. But we had the best time. Asaba ate sand (until I caught him and had to put him back in his pushchair before he blitzed through the entire beach). I ate chips and curry sauce. Ava ate all of my fancy chocolates that I wanted to do a cute flatlay with. It was a brilliant time. So, it kinda got me thinking of all the other fun stuff I want to experience with the kids this autumn (because when better than autumn??) and I thought I would jot it down to maybe give you some inspo too. 

Give the kids a Halloween Lush bath

Is this just an excuse for me to buy a lot of Halloween themed bath bombs? Almost definitely. But, at the same time, the kids have never actually used bath bombs (I worry because their skin is sensitive!) but I know they would just love them. So, I think a little shopping trip is in order so Ava can pick out a bath bomb or two and then she can drop it into the water and watch it dissolve and change colour. I just know she'll be so excited and it is a lot easier to clean up than that Jelly Baff stuff (rip my mum's bath circa 2003). 

Make really extra hot chocolates

I love a good hot chocolate but, this time, I want to take it to the next level. I'm talking Whittards flavoured hot chocolate (the peanut butter one is so good), ghost shaped marshmallows, mountains of squirty cream, even chocolate sauce, maybe even a flake (wait, no, an orange twirl!!). I wanna go all out and create a masterpiece.

Have a Halloween tea party

Usually I would go to the parents' for Halloween and we would all go out trick or treating but, with the new lockdown measures in Wales and the whole uncertainty of life in 2020, it isn't looking all that likely. So, I have decided that we will make our own fun instead. I want to buy all of the Halloween themed foods and put on a spread. Spend the day dancing around to Monster Mash and watching The Addams Family. Carve some pumpkins. I want this Halloween to feel really special for the kids because Ava is already obsessed with all things spooky and I know they'll have so much fun. Hell, we may even dress up!

Collect conkers and display them in a big glass bowl

A few weeks ago, we were at the park and we found some conkers. Ava got really excited when I explained what they were and then ran around collect loads of them and stashing them all under the pushchair (and in my handbag as I later discovered post-conker tsunami). So, I really want to go to the park with them, take a few little buckets, and fill them up with conkers. Then display them in a big glass jar (mostly so Asaba doesn't try to eat them - this time *oops*). Maybe we could even paint them. Or make a garland?

Take a day trip to Bath

Here in Cardiff, we are currently under a local lockdown but, if it is lifted soon enough, I would really love to take the kids on a day trip to Bath. I feel like Bath is one of those cities that is just so beautiful in the autumntime and would be the perfect place to mooch around exploring the cobbled streets, hot chocolate in hand.

Decorate the house

I have already started decorating my bedroom with festive bunting and about 8 different types of pumpkins (some real, some crochet, some fold out papery ones) but I am still on the look out for a few more bits to finish it off. I would love to get some new bedding - maybe just a plain, caramel colour duvet set. And I still need to find something to hang above my bed. I am thinking maybe 3 prints next to each other like a mini gallery wall. I will probably do a separate post once it is complete.  

What are your autumnal plans?

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