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Small Ways To Refresh Your Home On A Budget

When we first went into lockdown, I had this whole positive mindset. I had big plans of how I would utilise this time and be really productive. Reader, I have not been productive. We are now on week 7 (I think??) and I have been for a run like three times. I have only written two blog posts this whole time. Hell, the only thing I have achieved is breaking my previous records of how many biscuits I can eat in one sitting and how many consecutive hours CBeebies can play for.

Saying that though, there are a couple of things that I have started doing more of. I have tried to get back into baking - everything I have made has been kinda disgusting but at least I am trying?? And I have been rejigging the house a lot. And that is one thing that is actually paying off. All this free time has meant that I can actually do the odd jobs around the house that I never would have done. I have painted walls. I have mounted pictures (very, very poorly - sorry to whoever moves into this house in future for all the holes in the walls). I have even painted a chest of drawers. And it is starting to come together. My house is starting to look more me.

So, I thought I would put together a post on how to refresh your home on a budget so I can share with you guys all the little tips and tricks on how to totally turn around your living space without it costing the earth.

Change up the knobs
Lol (sorry). But yeah, one mega easy and affordable way to change up your home is to buy some new knobs and swap them in. Sideboards, cupboards, kitchen cabinets, bedside tables - anywhere! I find Knobbles and Bobbles is the best place to find really fun and unusual designs that will spice up any space and tie into your colour scheme a lot better than the plain ones that usually come on drawers and things.

Get some new cushion covers 
When we first moved into our house, we went to this furniture place that was full of stuff people had donated and we got our (monstrous, burgundy velvet) sofa from there. It can with these awful dark purple cushions that just always looked so ugly to me. For years, I have just chucked them in the cupboard and not thought anymore of them. Until recently! I decided to replace the cushion covers and I am so much happier for it (although I will be even happier when I can finally buy a new sofa). H&M Home is great for this and you can also find some cute ones for the kids rooms on Amazon too.

Create a gallery wall
Whenever I used to think of gallery walls, I would imagine the typical selection of cute prints in frame above the sofa or going up the staircase. That was until I got on Pinterest and go inspired to create a gallery wall in Ava's room using a mixture of pictures, hanging decorations, metal word art, and a hanging shelf too. I even bought a canvas and got Ava to paint a picture to go on her wall too. And I am so happy with the result. It may look a little chaotic but I like it and I feel like it is such a nice idea for a kids room. And I did it using mostly all stuff we already had at home that was either just shoved in a drawer or sat unloved on another shelf somewhere else in the house.

Put up a shelf
I'm a big fan of shelves. I feel like they really fill a space and give the room more character. And you don't even have to spend much to decorate them either. You can display things you already have tucked away in drawers. Or get a few cheap frames and print some pictures via Free Prints. Or even wash out a glass jar when you finish using it and fill it with some flowers you find out on your walks.

Change up the grout
The bathroom and kitchen are two rooms in the house that I haven't even started decorating yet because they were newly fitted when we moved in and have served us fairly well since then. I mean, they are functional. But one hack I have been seeing online that seems to make a big difference to the look of kitchens and bathrooms is changing the grout. Yeah, that white stuff between the tiles. Buy a grout pen (maybe choose black if you have white tiles for that monochrome vibe) and go to work on that grout (a sentence I never thought I would be writing).

Paint old furniture
Wilko recently kindly gifted me some of their furniture paint and, since painting a horrible, old dresser/chest of drawers bright yellow, I have definitely been bitten by the furniture painting bug. None of my furniture is safe anymore. I fully intend to paint everything that I don't like anymore and then change up the knobs too. My bedside table will definitely be my next victim.

What are your top tips for changing up your living space?

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