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You Don't Have To Be Productive Right Now

We are living in an unprecedented time. Most of us have never had this amount of free time at our disposal. And the temptation to put together a huge bucket list of things you want to achieve whilst you're home can be overwhelming.

Every time I look on social media, I see people posting their rigorous schedules and goals of things they aim to do over the next month or so. And, in all honesty, it sometimes makes me feel a little inadequate - especially as my greatest achievement so far is getting out of bed before 9am (to be fair, that is a big achievement).

So, let me just say here and now: it is ok to do nothing. It is ok to just exist and watch Netflix (hit me up with your recommendations in the comments!). It is ok to snack and stay in your PJs and lounge on the sofa and scroll through your phone.

You're not a failure if you haven't started a new business, and lost 2 stone, and written 4 blog posts a week, and created pinterest-level content every day, and sorted out your sleep schedule, and cleared up your skin whilst in lockdown.

Quite frankly, this time is mega scary. No one knows what is going on or how long this is going to last for so if a strict schedule and setting goals is what gives your day structure and keeps you feeling normal, then by all means do that. But if you are feeling guilty for not being productive all the time, then just remember that you don't have to do any of those things.

You are doing more than enough by just staying home and staying safe. That is what is important.

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