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What Mums Really Want For Mother's Day

What do mums really want for Mother's Day? A full nine hours sleep? To use the bathroom without a toddler banging the door down? To eat a full chocolate bar without having someone staring you into submission, making you give up a quarter of the goods? Well, yes, all of these. Please and thank you. But, in reality, these probably aren't great gift options. So, I have put together a Mother's Day gift guide for you guys to give you an insight into what your mum really wants this year.

An excuse to turn the bathroom into a full-on spa
Mums love a bubble bath. Especially when there is wine, chocolate, and a good book (or access to Tik Tok, let's be real) in there too. So, a great gift option is something totally luxurious so the mums in your life can disappear into the bathroom for an hour or so and totally relax. Extra points if you also take the kids out so you don't have someone knocking on/slamming their entire body against the door as soon as you get in the bath because they are 'very desperate'.

I was gifted this eco friendly bath set by Nurture Collective and it is so lovely. It has a gorgeous rose petal bath bomb, eco hair products and deodorant, a bamboo tooth brush, and some lovely clay soap that actually smells insane. Saving the planet whilst having a luxurious bath? Count me in.

All of the snacks
Mums love snacks. Like big time. You will often find us hiding in parts of the house eating snacks in an effort to evade our offspring who can hear a packet being opened a mile away. I once ate a pack of donuts in the bathroom - I mean, I'm not proud of it but that is how dedicated I am to snacking.

Treat Trunk recently sent me out one of their one-off boxes and it fully satisfied all of my snacking needs. Now, these snacks are more healthy than a pack of jam donuts but, not gonna lie, they are just as nice. There was a great variety of snacks in the box I received. Some lovely bits for the kids - like those healthy fruit winders (long gone are the days of fruit winders being basically red sugar ribbons) - and some lush vegan snacks too. They have a subscription service which looks awesome (I mean, who wouldn't love monthly snacks?)

Michael Bublé?
It is a truth universally acknowledged that all mums love a bit of Bublé. Unfortunately, paying for your own, personal serenade from the man himself is pretty pricey (not that I have checked or anything...) but there is something that may be just as good - perfume designed by Bublé himself! I mean, what woman doesn't want to smell like Bublé's dream scent?

I was lucky enough to be sent across a few of the Bublé fragrances (along with some chocolates - day made!) and, let me tell you, they smell incredible. I have been wearing the By Invitation: Rose Gold all day long and it has lasted so well (even after washing two kids and about 37549 dishes). The smell is light and feminine without feeling like you are wearing something from the kid's section. It smells sophisticated. And it is actually quite affordable at £42 for a big 100ml bottle.

A 'you shouldn't have' gift
Ok, this is kinda gift that makes you go 'wow'. A 'I can't believe that actually got me this' kinda gift. Something really fancy. Something jaw-droppingly beautiful. Something you know they will love and cherish forever. And, most importantly, something that shocks them to their core when they open it up expecting just slipper socks or another candle.

My top 'you shouldn't have' is absolutely anything from Daisy London. They do insanely gorgeous pieces all around the £100 price mark. My favourite piece of theirs is their 18 carat gold sunburst necklace (which I was previously gifted). It is so special and comes with a little jewellery bag, a box, and a paper bag all with the Daisy London logo on it. And it just feels so special. Honestly, I wish I could afford to buy all the women in my family pieces like this.

Something a bit sentimental
Being a mum means you are an emotional wreck about 95% of the time and your kids hold the power to melt your heart in a way no-one else can. And that is what makes sentimental gifts so special - we really love them and they mean more to us than a gift card or box of chocolates ever could (although please give us chocolate too).

That is what makes these little pocket books (gifted) a great gift. They are full of quotes - some well known, some not so much - pertaining to the title. I really like the one centred around Happiness but they also do Love, Friendship, and Hope. I think these would make such lovely little gifts and lets your mum know you care about her every time she picks up the book.

Something unique and handmade
(ad - my shop) Yes, this is an absolute plug but, yknow, why not? If you are still stuck for things to get your mum for Mother's Day, consider getting her something from my shop Lunar & Bloom. I make earrings and homeware out of resin and all of the earrings can be shipped by Mother's Day. And they are wrapped really cute too.

What are you buying your mum for Mother's Day?

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