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15 Things To Do At Home That Don't Involve A Screen

What with the stricter rules coming in yesterday and the resounding advice from, well, everywhere to stay inside, it is almost certain that we are all going to be seeing a lot more of the four walls we call home (and the immediate family that live within them *gulps in mum of two*).

Personally, we have been on some form of social-isolation for about 5 days now. We are mostly staying at home and only leaving the house to buy food or go for a walk through some fields (one of the very few benefits of country living - you can walk for miles without encountering a single other person). Thankfully, the cabin fever hasn't quite hit yet but I'm sure it won't be long before I am pining for a Costa and longing for soft plays to reopen.

However, one thing I am struggling with is finding my motivation to do anything other than scroll through Instagram. It is so tempting, right? Just spend the day in your PJs jumping from one app to another - only briefly breaking the cycle to eat whatever scraps you have chilling at the back of the fridge - then tumbling into bed at night feeling a bit miserable.

So, I thought I would put my thinking cap on and come up with a list of stuff you (and I!) can do whilst we are at home that doesn't involve a screen.

1. Bake a load of goodies
I couldn't find flour anywhere (although I did find eggs!) so I lumped for some of those baking kits instead and they actually came out quite nice.

2. Experiment with photography
Whether you are a blogger, a keen instagrammer, a Flickr fiend (that's still going, right?), or just want to try something new, now is a great time to dabble in photography. You can get some great home design shots, outfit shots, or even portraits of your fellow quarantine buddies. For me, this has been a great opportunity to explore different types of content and improve my home design shots and flatlays.

3. Take up a hobby
If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen that I recently opened a shop selling jewellery (and resin pieces - until I had an allergic reaction to them, RIP my skin). I absolutely love doing something that involves my hands and having a physical end product. Things like embroidery and knitting are great alternatives. Or making candles or soap.

4. Get painting
Personally, I have never been great at traditional art like painting or drawing but I recently came across a type of painting that I am itching to try. It is called free pouring and basically you get your canvas, mix up several different colours in different pots, and just go at it pouring them on. You end up with an awesome abstract piece with all the colours blending together. Also this is a great one to get the kids involved with.

5. Learn sign language
Technically, you may need a screen for this but it is a great way to pass the time and learn something worthwhile too.

6. Clean your makeup brushes
Yes, you. Clean your brushes.

7. Sort through your wardrobe and make a bag for donation
You've likely not had time to go through your wardrobe in ages - who knows what is even lurking in there? I mean, there may even be a pair of disco leggings discarded at the back. So, use this time to go through your stuff and put together a bag to donate when charity shops reopen. And, whilst you're at it, sort out the kids toy box. And your makeup collection. And your pants drawer. And the drawer of doom (yknow the one where you just shove all your stuff in).

8. Create a shadow box
I recently discovered shadow boxes and I thought they seemed pretty cool. Basically, they are deep frames that you fill with pictures and small memorabilia then display. Like you could do a wedding one with a few prints of your wedding day then a flower from your bouquet and a place setting card. Or one for your kid with the ultrasound and some pictures from their first few months.

9. Delete stuff from your phone
Ok, this one definitely involves a screen but hear me out: delete all the unnecessary stuff from your phone. Old pictures you don't want anymore. Texts. Downloads of menus you went to three years ago. Unsubscribe from mailing lists. Delete all of the junk emails. Just clean up your phone.

10. Journal
This is an unprecedented time - something most of us have never had to experience - so, naturally, it brings new emotions along with it. Write them down. They are all valid and, who knows, one day your grandkids might have to study coronavirus in history and want to know what it was like living through this pandemic.

11. Experiment with ready roll pastry
One thing these last 5 days have taught me is the versatility of ready roll pastry - and that it is almost foolproof! Add it to your next shop and make jam tarts or a mustard chicken pie or a butternut squash and feta cheese tart. You can make so much with it and the results are always delicious.

12. Have a spa night
Right, this is not just self-care, this is next level self-care. Get a soft robe. Play relaxing music. Buy all of the mud masks. Hell, even get some cucumber for your eyes. Take a long bubble bath. Exfoliate your skin. Moisturise. Do a hair mask. Really make an evening of it.

13. Download Tik Tok
Ok, this deffo involves a screen but is also an awesome way to pass the time and have a bit of fun. Learn some Tik Tok dances. Get people involved to act out some of the sounds with you. Generally make a fool of yourself on the app and have a laugh. Oh, and follow me on there (I'm @ laurenmusinguzi).

14. Call your friends and family
Remember to keep checking in on loved ones - especially those who are vulnerable.

15. Become a crisis text counsellor
(trigger warning: mental health, domestic violence)
Yes, another screen-based idea but for a good reason. Given everything that is going on, many will likely find their mental health deteriorating. Many are isolated with their abuser. Many are going to really struggle in this time. But you can help from your home by becoming a crisis text counsellor.

I hope this list has been helpful! Stay home and stay safe, people.

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