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My Goals For 2020

I am 100% a Type B personality. I am relaxed (some - especially my husband - may say lazy). I procrastinate (a lot). And I am so laid back, I'm practically vertical. But one thing I am very Type A about is setting goals. I love cracking open a new notebook and writing down a list of things I want to achieve. Hell, I even actually quite like Mondays. There is just something so liberating about starting afresh - whether it is a new day, a new week, or a new year (or decade!!) - and it something that I absolutely revel in.

Unfortunately - but also kinda fortunately - my goals for 2019 were kinda overridden by the surprise baby I found out about in February. I then spent the subsequent eight months cursing the name of said baby whilst I sobbed through the nausea, vomiting, discomfort, panicked trips to the hospital, and eventual birth of.  And then the two ultimate months of 2019 were spent fully immersing myself in all that new baby goodness - and learning to pee again without feeling like I was passing literal acid.

But, just for the fun of it, let's have a look at the goals I set myself this time last year and see, if by any miracle, I managed to achieve them.

My 2019 Goals

Travel to a new country
I kinda achieved this and then some! We had a holiday to Mallorca in May which was somewhere I had never visited (and my first hot country too!) and then we went whole hog on the international travel thing and decided to totally relocate to Germany. So, yeah, you could say that we travelled a bit in 2020.

Invest more time into my blog
I would give myself a score of maybe 6/10 on this. I started my Pregnancy Diaries segment in 2019 which I really enjoyed writing but I also found myself taking massive breaks from writing as I tried to pretty much stay alive through everything pregnancy was throwing at me. I did however work on my Instagram a lot and manage to build up my following there which I am quite proud of.

Have more adventures with Ava
This is another kinda did kinda didn't goal. I kinda did because we moved abroad together and she got experience lots of new things like Christmas markets and her mum gabbling away in broken German with a distinct look of fear in her eyes. But also we kinda didn't because she has just been put in front of the TV

Try to live a more environmentally-friendly life
I guess I kinda achieved this a bit without actually trying to. This year we have really felt the pinch so we have had to cut back on a lot of things so that I meant reducing our spend on food (which meant buying less meat and making more meals from scratch) and only buying things that were necessary so that meant less ASOS orders and less impulse purchases that would ultimately end up in landfill.

Have more fun with fashion
This one, I didn't really achieve. I couldn't afford to buy much new clothing this year and, the clothes I did buy, had to be things that were functional and would go with everything. Also pregnancy kinda usurped my visions of strutting through the street in two piece suits looking like a badass boss woman (more like waddling through the streets in leggings for nine months).

Get back into baking
If you follow me on insta, you may have seen some of my baking with a toddler disasters. Like the biscuit dough shoes Ava designed (don't ask). But yeah, I actually did kinda achieve this.

Start thinking about my career

This one made me laugh. I thought by this time I would be back working for some media firm making good money with Ava settled in a nursery she loved. Lol. But at least this year showed me what direction I want to go in career-wise. Coming to Germany has made me realise that I actually don't really want to go into language teaching (an idea I was toying with) and actually I would love to do content creation full time or work as a social media manager for a company.

Y'know what? I managed to achieve a few more on this list than I thought I would! Although maybe in a different way to what I imagined.

Now for my 2020 goals..

My 2020 Goals

Become a morning person
I am the worst at getting up in the morning and it is driving Isaac insane. And I constantly feel like I am in a rush (which I hate!). So, in 2020, I want to train myself to get out of bed earlier and really make the most of each day.

Reach 10K on Instagram and Twitter
I am currently around 3K on both sites and would love to get up to 10K by the end of the year.

Redecorate our house
I've recently gotten super into interiors and have big home design plans for this year. Think muted tones, whimsical and vintage vibes, and a whole lot of cuteness.

Start making good money from my blog
By the end of the year, I would love to be making good money consistently from my blog as this is something I would really love to do full-time. Especially so I can have a flexible job and be able to stay home with my babies.

Invest in some new kit
If by some miracle I do manage to grow my platforms a bit and start generating a bit more income then I would love to invest in some new kit - particularly, a tripod and a camera (especially as my camera is now a shocking 7 years old!).

What are your goals for 2020?

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