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How To Take Super Cute Pics Of Your Kids

Take one look at my Instagram page and you'll probably think that my children are absolute angels who never have tantrums and love having their picture taken. Spoiler alert: you're wrong. My eldest, Ava, hates having her picture taken. She is a bit of a wild one who is always on the go and won't sit still for love nor money (ok, maybe for Peppa Pig). And my newborn? He loves vomiting mid-photo. So, rest assured my blooper reel is extensive (and hilarious). But I think I do manage to get some quite cute pics at the end of it so I thought I would share a couple of tips on how to take cute pictures of your kids - minus the tantrums.

Bribery is one of those things that we all vowed we would never do pre-kids but now do pretty much every day. I mean, how many of you have already cracked out the classic 'Easter Bunny is watching' line - despite the fact we are only midway through January? And it works for taking photos too! If you look very closely, you will see a McDonald's chicken nugget clenched tightly in Ava's hand. Basically set up the camera (or place your Instagram Husband in the correct position), get yourself ready, then shout at the top of your lungs 'mummy has chocolate!!' and watch a stampede of children run towards you. Bonus points if your child grappling you for sweets ends up looking like a loving hug.

Make it fun for them
My next tip for taking cute pictures of your kids? Make it fun for them. My favourite pictures I take of Ava are the ones where she is so engrossed in an activity that she doesn't realise she is even be photographed. Whether that is her running along the sand at the beach or petting a goat at the farm. These candid photos are my favourite because they capture a memory. Often I don't even worry about her face being in them. Sometimes I love just having her running through a scene reeking havoc or the back of her head as she looks out to sea all whimsical-like (when she is probably just waiting for me to take my eyes off her for a second so she can nose dive into the water).

Don't set high expectations
We've all done it. We'll be scrolling through Pinterest and come across a picture of the cutest toddler ever having a milk bath full of flowers with their little baby brother in their arms. Then you'll try to recreate it. Your toddler will splash milk everywhere. And probably try to eat the fake flowers you bought from B&M for decoration. The baby will scream bloody murder before he even enters the bathroom and you will end up vetoing his involvement because a purple, wailing baby will deffo raise a few eyebrows on the gram. And you will feel so frazzled from the whole experience that you end up deleting Pinterest out of anger and maybe sob a bit. It has happened to us all (right? please don't say it is just me). So, yeah, go into the whole thing with low expectations. Basically just think, if we get a cute picture then cool but, if not, then at least we had fun.

Know when to quit
One thing I have learnt from trying to take pictures of Ava is that you have got to know when to quit. Sometimes they don't want to have their picture taken and you have got to respect their wishes in that. If you have to go without a picture for the gram for one day or your mum doesn't get her daily picture update on what the kids have been getting up to then so be it.

What is your top tip for taking pictures of your kids?

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