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Asaba's 3 Month Update

A few days ago, my little chunk turned 3 months! He is officially out of the newborn stage and, in true mum style, I just can't believe it. The last three months have been filled with pretty much every emotion known to man. I have felt the highest heights of joy as I have seen Asaba and Ava interact with each other and the lowest of lows when the exhaustion hits and both kids want my attention and I feel like I need to grow at least 5 more hands to accomplish even half my to-do list. But, all in all, the last three months have been magical.

It feels weird to think that 3 months ago, this baby wasn't in our lives. I really couldn't live without him now. I have formed such a strong bond with him and these few months have also strengthened my connection with Ava too. I was worried before that a new baby would change the relationship I have with Ava. I thought I wouldn't have the time to just focus on her and enjoy her company. I mean, our relationship has changed but not for the worse. Having a new baby has opened my eyes to how independent she is. How capable. How fun and interesting she is. All things I knew before but maybe things that I didn't see so clearly back then. And we still have time together but the fact that I have to divide my time now makes those moments of just me and her even more special. I savour them more now.

Honestly, I really lucked out with Asaba. He is already sleeping through the night. He is still breastfeeding - albeit in conjunction with formula milk because he is a very hungry lad. And he is just chilled. As long as he is fed, he is happy. He loves cuddles. And he has the most beautiful smile. He laughs when you tickle his ribs and likes to be kissed on his chin. His eyes follow me around the room - a true mummy's boy! I am so thankful for his character because Ava is a whirlwind (which I love about her - she is great fun to be around) so having that little bit of tranquillity that Asaba brings to our home creates such a nice balance.

To be frank, this time has actually been so much better than I thought it would be. Of course, having a new baby would always be exciting and I knew Asaba would bring so much joy to our lives but I was really worried about how I would manage two kids. But it has been so much more manageable than I anticipated. I mean, Isaac returned to work 5 days postpartum and I have been pretty much running the show since. I feel like everything has worked out really nicely and I feel so blessed to have two young children that I get to see grow up together. Asaba has just slotted into our family so well and I feel like we are complete.

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