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Ergobaby Embrace: Is This The Ultimate Sling/Carrier Hybrid?

I was gifted the Ergobaby Embrace baby carrier in exchange for a review and social media coverage however all views (as always) are my own.

When Ava was a newborn, we didn't babywear at all. Honestly, it never even crossed our minds. We just bought a ginormous travel system (that looked like it was something straight out of the 80s) off Gumtree and had done with it. Looking back, I kinda wish we had opted to babywear because this time around it has been an absolute godsend.

I have been babywearing Asaba in his Ergobaby Embrace Baby Carrier since we left the hospital and everyday since. I babywear outside (whilst pushing Ava in her stroller or - more commonly these days - chasing her around trying to stop her from endangering her own life). I babywear when I am trying to do chores around the house. I babywear when Asaba is restless and won't settle. I babywear so I can have my hands free to do things like reading books with Ava. And I love it!

Over the past month, I have been solely using the Ergobaby Embrace and I am pretty impressed. The design of the Embrace couples all the good features of a baby carrier (like adjustability and safety) with the softness of a sling. The material of the Embrace carrier is designed to be gentle on baby's skin and the stretchiness means that you can rest assured your baby is comfort and nothing is digging into his skin. But the fastenings are also really secure and the whole thing is really easy to put on - even alone.

My only qualm with the carrier is that the main buckle is around the waist which I found wasn't ideal directly postpartum when my stomach was still quite sore. But, as the weeks have gone on and my body has started to recover from labour, this has ceased to be a problem. So, I would say, this isn't the perfect baby carrier for directly after you have given birth but it is a great option once you have started to feel a bit better.

Personally, I love the Ergobaby Embrace because it gives me so much more freedom than a pushchair would whilst also having the added bonus of having my baby close and being able to enjoy his snuggles throughout the day. And I know Asaba loves the sling too. Almost the second he is put in, he drops off to sleep. Sometimes he is even snoring as we go about our day. And he remains asleep until I wake him up myself - he is just that comfortable. And, honestly, any new mum will tell you that you can't put a price on that!


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