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Bochum Christmas Market

It is finally here! The most wonderful time of the year has officially arrived and it has exploded out of every corner here in Bochum. And I am obsessed. The idea of spending Christmastime in Germany has always been a dream of mine and I am fully embracing the experience now it has arisen. I mean, I had a Nutella chimney cake from the market for dinner tonight just because I could.

The market itself is absolutely beautiful and full of so many stalls and things to see and do. The main part of the market is situated on Dr Ruer Platz (or outside Starbucks if your bearings are solely based on where to refuel on caffeine like mine are). There you will find a big stage where bands often cover famous Christmas tunes throughout the day. There is a whole zone basically dedicated to gluhwein and other festive alcoholic drinks. You will also find a range of stalls selling the usual things like handmade woollen goods and the most beautiful lanterns you will ever see.

The market doesn't stop there though. There are stalls dotted around the entirety of the city centre selling everything from salmon toasted above a flame right before your eyes to roasted chestnuts brought to you by a man dressed in a flamboyantly Victorian-style (yes, I even spotted a top hat or two).

My favourite section of the market is located on Husemannplatz (next to Commerzbank). It is basically a food court with a canopy of fairly lights stringed up over the top of the seating area and a large carousel that routinely rotates and plays Christmas songs which doubles as a bar. This is where I found the best hot chocolate (Chocomel fyi) which came absolutely smothered in cream and I could have even added additional toppings like sprinkles to that too. They have some great food options too. Personally, I have only sampled the chimney cake with Nutella but they have a real variety of other foods on offer. Here you will find your sweet toasted nuts, your gingerbread hearts, and a few less traditional options like flatbreads and mackerel rolls.

The market is open from 10am everyday and I have been at a range of times throughout the day (yknow for research purposes - deffo not to buy endless crepes) and I would say that around 11am or midday is a great time to go if you want to avoid the crowds but I personally prefer going around 5pm when it has just gotten dark and all the lights are shining. And, at that time, it isn't too busy as it is around 8pm.

Overall, I would say that if you are visiting the North Rhine Westphalia region then you should definitely give Bochum a visit (and pop in for a brew whilst you're at it!). The market isn't as big or exciting as the ones you will find in Berlin or Cologne but it has the vibe of a real German city and still feels a bit traditional (I mean, there was a fish stall in the market). And I can vouch that the hot chocolate tastes just as good - if not better!

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