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Sleepyhead Deluxe+ Pod: Is It Worth Investing In?

I was gifted the Sleepyhead Deluxe+ in exchange for a review and social media coverage but all opinions (and cute babies) are my own.

I am currently sat on the sofa whilst Asaba naps in his Sleepyhead on the coffee table. He has a mug of hot chocolate - which is actually still hot (what a novelty!) - sat beside him. I am in absolute mum heaven right now. So, what better time to dust the cobwebs off my laptop and sit down to write a little review of our new favourite baby gadget.

We have been using our Sleepyhead Deluxe+ pod for just over two weeks now and it has honestly been a godsend. Asaba has been co-sleeping throughout the night in his Sleepyhead but we also use it for his naps and to keep him safely contained somewhere whilst I do things like cooking and showering.

Asaba took to it instantly. I think the design creates the feeling of being a bit closed in and supported (like being held) whilst still being able to see what is going on around him - and being able to see me throughout the night - which makes him feel really comfortable. He actually slept better that first night home than any of the previous nights in the cot in the hospital!

Naturally, all babies are different and their sleep habits are different too. Ava would only co-sleep in my arms whereas I think Asaba is a little less clingy and would probably take to just sleeping in a cot or a moses basket if we had taken that route. So, I can't really say that it is the Sleepyhead that is wholly to thank for Asaba's 'not too bad for a newborn' sleep habits but I can say that the Sleepyhead has made a wealth of difference on the convenience front.

For me, the best thing about the Sleepyhead is that I can co-sleep without worrying that I could accidentally roll onto him or that he will burrow down under the covers. And, as I am solely breastfeeding, it is so much easier just to grab him out of the Sleepyhead next to me rather than having to get up in the night to get him from a cot.

Also on the note of safety, Sleepyheads are now being used in four different NHS hospitals across the UK. The hospitals have been quoted on saying that the Sleepyheads 'really help to calm and settle' the babies and small children that use them and that 'parents have been wowed by their comforting powers'. Several hospitals have also partnered with the Sleepyhead of Sweden brand to create special Sleepyhead pods that can be used in MRI and CT scanners to make the experience a little more comfortable for the children needing to undergo these procedures.

In terms of washing it, the cover is super easy to remove and wash (which is lucky because you know nothing stays clean for long with a newborn). It is machine washable so that saves a lot of faffing around trying to wash on special settings or taking to the dry cleaner and it is easy to put back on too.

All in all, I am an absolute Sleepyhead convert. The fact that it allows me to safely co-sleep makes night feeds so much easier and just gives me that peace of mind that he isn't able roll anywhere or nestle down under the covers. It has made the newborn stage so much easier - honestly, I don't think I could do without it now.

Have you tried the Sleepyhead? What did you think?

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