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I Love My Postpartum Body But...

I love my postpartum body but I don't like how the skin on my belly feels.
I love my postpartum body but I don't like how my boobs look.
I love my postpartum body but sometimes I see bikini pics on Insta of other 23 year olds and feel a little sad.
I love my postpartum body but I don't feel confident in it yet.

Here's the truth, guys: I am struggling to love my postpartum body. I mean, I love that this body has carried my two children safely to term. I am in awe of its strength in delivering them both. I love that this body continues to feed and sustain my newborn. But some days it doesn't really feel like home - it doesn't really feel like me.

The thing is, when you are pregnant, your body goes from just being a part of you to being something that also kinda belongs to someone else - it has a purpose further than just being a body. And then, postpartum, it goes back to being a body again. But it isn't the body you remember. And society expects mums just to accept that. This whole movement of body positivity and celebrating mum bods (as amazing as it is) tells us that our bodies are beautiful because of what they have done but it never really talks about how some mums don't just instantly accept and love their new body. Nor that our body isn't just defined by how well it has served others or by its relation to them.

And as a blogger, especially one who writes a lot about parenting, I feel this whole sense of responsibility whenever I discuss my appearance. I want to come across as this body confident mum because that is what I want everyone following my content to be. I mean, if I thought another mum didn't feel 100% happy with their postpartum body, I would want to give them a whole talk about how incredible they are and how beautiful their body is.

But I want to live my truth. I want to feel every emotion I have and know that it is valid. Because it is valid not to instantly connect with your postpartum body. It is normal not to feel like you for a bit. It is ok to not feel confident sometimes.

Postpartum is intense and emotionally testing enough without having to try to keep up appearances.

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