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Blogging On A Budget: Is It Possible?

I'm broke. Like really broke. What with moving to a new country and a new baby on the way, my bank balance is looking extremely dire. So, naturally, I have been having to make some cut backs wherever I can. I have been buying less coffees (*sob*). I have banned myself from even browsing ASOS. And the German version of Just Eat has been deleted from my phone. What with my coffee, clothes, and takeaway outgoings limited, my expenditure has greatly reduced but there is still one other outgoing that I am yet to come to terms with - and that is blogging.

I don't think people are all that aware of how expensive blogging can actually be. There are so many little chunks of money that go into it and they quickly add up over the course of the year. But I still believe it is possible to run a blog on a budget - at least, that is what I keep telling myself - so I have put together a list of a few things that I have done recently to limit my blog related spending without (hopefully!) compromising on quality or content.

Get creative with what you've got
I recently wrote a post about how I changed up my Instagram and adopted a theme but what I didn't mention was the reason for that: I couldn't afford to continue to create the kinda content I had been making before. I have always loved posting a mixture of lifestyle and fashion on my Instagram and that led to me actively seeking out interesting things to do so that I could post about them. Be it visiting a cool café where they do awesome latte art or travelling to a location specifically to shoot an outfit picture there because I loved the look of the place. It wasn't sustainable anymore. So, I introduced a new theme which allowed me just to take pictures at home. I didn't need a tripod (mine broke) as I could balance the camera on a ladder. I didn't really need new clothes for every post or to be somewhere interesting because the whole point was a minimalist, uncluttered look. Honestly, this theme isn't really what I love - I like for my content to be a reflection of my daily life - but it is ok for now (and makes me a lot happier than just having my account sitting dormant would).

Research if something is worth it before you enter into a subscription
I feel like it is so easy to just fall into the trap of buying a subscription to an editing service or app without really giving it much thought - especially when it is only something like £8 per month. But most apps will offer limited services for free or have a competitor that does it for the fraction of the price. So, before you subscribe, really give the app a go (if possible) and see if it is a good fit for you.

Try to avoid the FOMO pressure
I have written before about how fashion blogging made me buy more clothes than necessary - both because I was influenced by other bloggers and so I could be part of the hype over a certain item of clothing. There is a real FOMO that comes along with blogging - and social media in general, I guess - that influences our spending a lot. So, before you buy, be sure to ask yourself why you want it. Do you actually like it? Is it really your style or did you just see someone you admire wearing it?

Reuse blog props
One thing I used to do a lot was buying blog props - then not even using them! It is so easy to talk yourself into a purchase just because it will look good in a picture or because you worry what people will think if you keep using the same props in multiple pictures. Then I realised that no one was actually paying that much attention anyway. Hit up Tiger, invest in some cute pieces, and work them into your pics year round. It'll save you so much money.

Shop around
For things like buying a domain and a web design, be sure to shop around and find the best deal. You can get a load of designs really cheap on Etsy and your domain shouldn't be costing you the earth either - I think mine is about £24 per year through GoDaddy.

Ask to be paid
If you are at the point with your blog where you are being contacted by brands asking to collaborate then be sure to ask if they have a budget. They might say no - fine - but, if they say yes, then that is cash you can pump back into your blog. Also don't be scared to pitch to brands if you think your blog would be a good fit for them or if you have seen them working with bloggers before. It doesn't hurt to ask and could really help cover any of your blog's outgoings that you would rather not fork out for yourself.

What are your top money saving tips for bloggers?

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