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Transitioning Your Maternity Wardrobe From Summer To Autumn

This post is written in collaboration with Pink Blush but all opinions and tales of pregnancy woe are entirely my own.

Not that you would know it from the 30 degree heat that is destroying every last bit of joy in my soul and leaving me a hot, sweaty, and heavily pregnant mess but pumpkin spice season is just around the corner. And that can only mean one thing - every pregnant woman's best friend is back in town; the humble jumper. As much as I have loved summer fashion and exploring every type of dress on the market to see which can fit both my boobs and my bump without making me look like I could house an entire circus underneath it, I am happy to soon be seeing the back of it. I am excited to not be so sweaty and not have to deal with chub rub anymore. And, most of all, I am thrilled to have the option to wear clothes that are actually comfy and still look kinda cute. And cosy.

Master the jeans and a nice top combo
It is a classic. It is a no-brainer. And it is my go-to almost all year round. But it is especially great for pregnancy because it is fool-proof. I love picking a jazzy little top in either a bright colour or a great print so that it makes the whole look a lot more fun. Chuck on a pair of maternity jeans. Maybe some cute boots (I am on the hunt for black, faux croc-skin ankle boots this year). A long camel coat or a leather jacket. And a bag that fits in all of your stuff (read: snacks). And there you go - a cute look that is super comfy and perfect for that mid-afternoon Starbucks PSL dash.

I have been wearing this top from Pink Blush Maternity almost constantly since it arrived in the post. It is so soft and the peplum shape makes me feel a little less ginormous (just moderately ginormous). And the print is just so cute. I love the orange tones - they are super autumnal - and it looks good under both a leather jacket and a camel coat. Complete win.

Work with what you've got 
If, like me, you only have about a month or so left to go, you may be wondering whether it is worth buying new clothes to fit your current body or waiting it out until about a month post-partum when your body is on the road to being back to normal - or, at least, can fit into high-waisted jeans. Personally, I would say do both. Try to make do with what you have but also pick up a couple of essentials for the next month or two (look some shoes that actually fit your swollen feet now that sandals aren't an option *sob*). I have bought some more maternity jeans (in blue) so I can pair them with cute cream knits over the next month but I have also been getting creative with my own wardrobe. My sleeveless jumpsuit has been given a new lease of life by layering it over a stretchy roll-neck jumper and I have big plan to layer cropped jumpers over the top of my bodycon dresses. And, of course, just chucking a leather jacket on top of any dress makes it totally autumn ready - and about 89% cooler too.

Invest in a few new accessories
In all honesty, maternity fashion can sometimes be a little frustrating. You find an outfit you love (like the one I am wearing in these pics) and you basically want to wear it all the time. It is comfy and fits well and looks cute so why not? But it is easy to soon get bored of it and find yourself lusting over the new season pieces you see instore that definitely wouldn't fit you. So I have found a way to rectify this - channel that into picking up new accessories. I mean, you'd be hard pushed to find a scarf that doesn't fit, right? And you can keep wearing it/using it as a makeshift bib post-partum too. I am personally seeking a cute little black hat - maybe a fedora - and some new shoes too. Although I will definitely end up buying more stacking rings and layering necklaces whilst I am at it too.

What is your go-to autumn style?

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