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Things I Miss About Living In The UK

We have now been living in Germany for about 2 months and we are finally starting to feel a little more settled. Isaac has work. My German language skills are now at a point where I can get by without too many embarrassing things happening on a daily basis. And even Ava is starting to feel a little more at home - I think this is greatly helped by the fact that people love to give her sweets whenever we set foot in any office or shop. But, of course, there are a few things I miss about my home country. My family, first and foremost. And a few other things too...

A good chippy dinner
Starting with the big guns here, I miss chip shops. Hell, I even used to work in a chippy so the connection between me and fried goods runs deep. I miss eating those chunky chips absolutely drenched in salt and vinegar straight out of the paper. And curry sauce. Oh man, I remembered curry sauce today and honestly could have sobbed. I miss battered anything. Mars bars. Pineapple fritters. Sausages. The list is endless.

The over-the-top politeness
Yknow when you open a door and someone is also trying to come through the door from the other side and you get locked into a battle of 'after you' until one of you dies/an earthquake flings one of you through the door first. That doesn't happen here - which I like but also kinda don't like. I like that you can just go about your life here without having to worry about social formalities. There's no 'accidental eye contact smiles' here. Not really much small talk either. Everyone just gets on with their own thing. But it still is an absolute culture shock for me. I grew up in small Devonshire villages where it takes you an hour to walk a ten minute walk because everyone stops you to chat on the way. I am used to people being painfully polite - even to the point of inconveniencing themselves. So, it is easy to read people here as being rude because they will stare and not follow it up with a smile. But, once you actually interact with those same people, you find they are actually so lovely. They just don't conform to British politeness. Honestly, it is a learning curve.

Late night trips to Big Tesco
Going to Big Tesco on a snack run at night is basically a British institution. And one that I honour religiously. I mean, what is not to love about driving to the big Tesco around 8pm (playing absolute bangers in the car obvs) to spend a further 45 mins wandering around gathering Doritos and dips and popcorn and a frozen gateau (for some reason) to come home and feast on. And, if you're lucky, you may even arrive just as they reduce the baguettes which means you obvs leave with about 5 trays of pastries and as many tiger loafs as you can carry. All for like 20p. Love it.

The great British countryside
Ok, I have been reading One More Slice's blog a lot lately and it has made me super nostalgic about summer trips on the Devonshire coast. Her photography is next level and her travel posts have me missing life in rural England. Honestly, when I am back in the UK, I want to explore so much more of it. Being here has made me realise how little of my own country I have actually visited. I want to see it all! Give me all the quaint villages and vibrant cities and coastal towns.

Soft play
I know, I sound crazy. It is basically every parent's dream to escape the routine of the rainy Tuesday afternoon soft play date. But, when soft play isn't an option, you're faced with the whole 'what can I even do with a very energetic toddler when it is raining and I am very pregnant??' dilemma. And, let's face it, paying a few quid to chuck them into a ballpit and let them run around like wild animals for a couple of hours whilst you sit down and have a coffee isn't half bad. Hell, it is worth it just to know that around 7pm, they'll crash and won't resurface until at least 9am the following day. You heard it here first, folks: I miss the damn soft play.

That being said, I am really enjoying our time here in Germany. Things are definitely different but every day feels like an adventure and it is something that Isaac and I have dreamt of doing for so long. Seeing how a whole new country operates and diving headfirst into a new culture has taught me so much about what I value and which parts of British culture I like (and shown me some that maybe could do with changing). I love the journey we are on - despite the lack of chips and curry sauce.

What would you miss about your home country if you moved abroad?

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