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The Cruelty Free Skincare Product I Am Obsessed With Right Now

*Freshly Cosmetics sent me this product to try out and feature on my social media channels but I was under no obligation to do a full-length review - it is just that good that I need to let you guys know about it

When it comes to skincare, I am really no expert. Up until recently, I have been using the same Simple moisturiser (the light one - can't beat it tbh) since my teen years and washing my face with whatever is to hand. Be it the face wash that was on offer in Boots that month, unused Christmas presents gifted to my husband, or, more often than not, just plain, old soap. It is only over the past year or so that I have started experimenting more with what I use on my skin - and taking more of an interest in where the ingredients in said products are derived from.

This year of exploring different skincare options has really opened my eyes to how the products I use actually effect my skin. I have learnt that coconut oil is a major no-go - at least, for me - as it clogs up my pores and guarantees a break-out the following day. And heavier moisturisers like Nivea have the same effect. Like I said, I am no expert but I think my skin would fall into the 'normal to oily' category. As well as this, I am quite prone to redness and sensitivity (*flashback to teen me using Nair removal cream on my tash and literally burning my skin off*). So, the main things I look for are gentleness in face washes - anything that says it can be used everyday and doesn't contain anything that would scrape my face up (looking at you, St Ives Apricot Scrub). And I need a fairly light moisturiser that doesn't clog up my pores and lets my face breathe.

So, when Freshly Cosmetics got in touch asking me to pick a few things from their website, you'd think I would kinda keep these things in mind and make a sensible choice, right? Nah, not me. I decided that I needed a face oil. My already oily self. But it actually turned out to be the best skincare decision I have made in the last few months.

I opted for the Red Velvet Oil Serum (gifted) and, lemme say, this stuff is amazing. Like so good that I dropped the bottle in the sink the other day and almost wept when I thought I had lost it all. You just take a drop, rub it on your face, and it sinks in so quickly. It isn't sticky or slimy or anything like that. And the smell is so good. Even my husband was like 'wow, are you wearing a new perfume or something?'. It is made up of 100% natural ingredients and 15 different plant oils but you can really smell the primrose and rosehip.

Since using it, I don't think I have had a single spot. My redness has reduced and my skin looks so much clearer than before. And that is saying something given both my raging pregnancy hormones and diet that consists of a lot of Haribo right now. I don't think I have ever felt this good about going out bare-faced and, honestly, I would recommend this to literally everyone. I mean, I received this product in exchange for social media coverage but here I am writing a full review when I could be sleeping - it is just that good.

And, as if that wasn't enough, this product is vegan, cruelty free, and made by an ethical company that focuses on being environmentally friendly. They even have a reforestation project where they pledge to plant a tree for every £50 order.

Honestly, I am a woman obsessed and I will cry real tears when I finish this bottle of face oil.

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