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How Introducing An Instagram Theme Revolutionised My Feed

Recently, I had a bit of an Instagram content drama. For the longest time, my whole Instagram theme has pretty much been outfit pictures taken outside (either with a tripod or by some serious coercion on my side to get my husband to assist in taking said pictures) coupled with a few flatlays and café shots. But two things changed all that recently. Firstly, I am in the third trimester of my pregnancy and walking (well, waddling) anywhere further than 15 minutes away is a no-go. And, secondly, I am pretty broke. And by 'pretty broke', I mean my bank would close my account for suspicious behaviour if I even set foot in a clothing shop. So, I had to get creative.

I was scrolling through Pinterest one evening and saw a close-up style outfit picture that someone had just taken in their bedroom. And it looked so cool. You could see the details of the accessories and, as the background was just pretty neutral, the outfit itself was the focal point of the shot. I instantly thought, 'I could do that!'. So, I dragged the ladder the previous tenants had left behind into our spare room/soon-to-be nursery and stacked whatever boxes and Tupperware tubs I could find on top of each other until it was at the right height to balance my camera on top and snap a few pictures.

Now, I'm not gonna say the pictures came out amazingly - I mean, some could definitely be entered into a gurning competition or something - but, after editing, I was quite happy with the results. And it has really inspired me. I feel like I have so much more creative control over my feed as I am doing something so different to what I have been doing the past two years on Instagram. It has also forced me to work with what I already have and not feel the need to go to a coffee shop to get a cute snap or buy that must-have dress so that my outfit pics seem comparatively 'good enough'.

And it is weird for me because I have always been very much in the 'themes are restrictive' camp. I never thought a theme could be liberating but here we are. I guess it is mostly because before my Instagram pictures were just documenting my life and stuff I was actually doing. I had enough content that I didn't have to stage anything but now that I am in the house most of the time and can't afford holidays or days out, it is a bit more difficult. It's not a bad thing though - this time has given me the opportunity to explore different styles of content and experiment more. I may not keep this theme forever but it is serving me well in the present.

Are you Team Theme?

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