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Family-Friendly Autumn Bucket List Ideas

Autumn is finally here! The crisp, cool air has arrived in place of the sticky summer heat. The days are getting shorter so we can wave goodbye to having to explain to a toddler why she must go to bed despite the fact the sun is still up. And it is finally socially acceptable to slob around in PJs all day long drinking gallons of hot chocolate again. Autumn is undoubtedly the absolute best season and, after a very hot summer whilst being very pregnant, I am even grateful for the rainy days.

So, as has become almost a tradition on this blog, I wanted to write a post ringing in the new season and sharing some of the things I want to do to really make the most of it. But, this year, I am going off-piste a little bit as I want to share a few more unusual things I want to do too. Worry not, though, I will definitely still be filling my days with all of the usuals too.

Create a leaf wall
This leaf wall that has been gracing my Instagram page over the last week was a bit of a spur of the moment lightbulb moment. I'm not sure if I had seen it on Pinterest (probably) or if it was my autumnally-wired brain updating the whole DIY flower wall trend for the new season but it was a lot of fun. Ava even tried to get to get involved too - until I caught her eating leaves and she had to go and watch Peppa Pig instead. But, apart from the whole leaf eating issue, it was a great family friendly craft - especially if you really milk it. I'm talking going to the park to search for leaves (gotta get a good variety of shapes and colours in there), having the kids organise them into piles, getting them involved sticking them up on the wall (literally just sellotape them - or maybe use some cute washi tape if you're feeling fancy), and ofc get out all the props for a photoshoot in front of your creation. Literally hours of free fun - and a great opportunity to get some cute pics for grandma too.

Get crafting
Much in the same vein, I have been on Pinterest a lot recently looking for cute autumnal crafts. And not just pumpkin carving - oh no, my friend - I am talking autumnal quotes written on big leaves with white Sharpies, mirrors adorned with fake orange flowers, and gallery walls consisting almost entirely of overly edited pumpkin patch pics. Yes, Isaac is a little concerned. No, I don't really care.

Bake a vegetable pie
We all know autumn is pie season. Even my unborn child knows it because I have been craving a good shortcrust pastry chicken pie for a while now. But the best pie - the one I will definitely be making on a weekly basis until spring rolls in next year - is my veggie pie. It consists of a shortcrust pastry (homemade because I really am an absolute domestic goddess), sweet potato, spinach, and feta cheese. Man, is it good.

Go searching for puddles
Ava is currently absolutely obsessed with Peppa Pig. I mean, obsessed. Her first question in the morning is whether she can watch it - usually met with 'Peppa is still sleeping' - but, at some point, I cave and let her watch it. And then the only way to prize her away from the screen is by convincing her there is more fun to be had elsewhere. Not easy. Usually I have to pretend to be Mummy Dinosaur and chase her around the house. Or we go out in search of muddy puddles to jump up and down in (sorry if you now have the song stuck in your head). And she loves it. The washing machine doesn't but she does.

Create your own popcorn flavour combinations
One of my fave childhood memories is of me, my mum, and my siblings all in our PJs, watching a film, under a duvet, with a big bowl of popcorn being passed around. I mean, that is just autumn to a T, right? Naturally, I want to carry on this tradition - but give it a little tweak. I want to experiment with different popcorn flavours. I want to go full Willy Wonka on this popcorn. I mean, drizzling over chocolate and adding pic'n'mix. Maybe even trying some savoury options - perhaps chunks of cheddar cheese in the salty popcorn? And, once Ava is a little older, I know she'll be excited to invent her own flavours too.

Buy matching PJs and never take them off again
Yes, I am the kinda mum who likes to match with her kids. And, yes, I very much intend to buy specifically matching pyjamas to wear around the house. Hell, I might even go the whole hog and get some Christmas ones too.

Taste test all the hot chocolates I can find
Now I am living in Germany, I have to survive autumn without my beloved Costa (*cries bonfire spiced tears*). Thankfully, they do have a Starbucks here so I can get my fix of pumpkin spice latte but I do prefer the Costa one tbh. However, I am trying to roll with the whole situation and broaden my hot drinks horizon by opening it up to hot chocolate taste testing. I have already seen a Nutella coffee around here which doesn't strictly count but I will still be buying it. Let's hope German hot chocolate lives up to my expectations!

What is on your autumn bucket list?

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