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Why I Created An 'Ugly Insta' & Why You Should Too

I think Instagram is a platform that everyone has an opinion on. And, if you are a blogger or content creator, chances are you may have a little bit of a love-hate relationship with the app. I mean, Instagram is huge and there are so many opportunities arising for anyone and everyone who has a decent following on there. And, more importantly, it is an awesome way to interact with other creators and make new friends. There is such a sense of community on Instagram and I often feel so inspired by what everyone else is creating. But, at the same time, it has its downsides. There's the algorithm that makes you feel like your images are being seen by no-one. The unpredictability of what will do well. And - this is a big one for me - the pressure to produce perfect content and post consistently good images every single day. It can really feel like a lot sometimes. 

So, I recently did something to combat this slight negativity that I was feeling about Instagram and that was creating an 'ugly Instagram'. Basically an account where I can dump all my pics that I don't think are insta-worthy but kinda want to have somewhere to look back on in the future - almost like a virtual photo album of hazy holiday snaps, silly selfies, and any other ridiculousness that deserves to be seen by the world (like Ava with an ice cream beard). I don't really edit these snaps. I don't think about timing or likes or engagement. I don't care about how many followers I have. And I don't try to create cute, punny captions or say anything insightful. I just post. And then I get on with my life. 

And I love it. It feels so good not having to worry about a theme or whether the algorithm will cap how many people see this post. It is just really nice not to care but, at the same time, know that I am not negatively impacting my chances of success. Because I still have a typical, cute insta with all the nicely edited pics on there but now I also have a place to dump all the real life shots too. 

The whole thing got me thinking about how ugly instas should be a thing. There are so many bloggers and influencers that I follow who post the most beautiful shots everyday but part of me wants to see more of the real them. I want to see the person behind the perfectly curated feed. The real them. The messy, fun, smile so big, having the time of their life them. I feel like a lot of the realness has been lost in the pursuit of aesthetics but maybe ugly instas can bring it back? Here's hoping!

For now though, be sure to follow both my cute insta and ugly insta. And let me know if you create an ugly insta for yourself!

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