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We've Moved To Germany!

It has been a little quiet around here lately. If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter, you may already know why. If not, let me fill you in - two weeks ago, we packed everything up into our little car (that we had bought like 3 days before off Gumtree lol) and made the long trek up to Essex, across the channel to Holland, and then on into Germany. Our new home (at least, for now).

When I first announced the move on Instagram, people seemed a bit shocked. It must have all seemed kinda out of the blue but, in reality, it is a move we have been planning for quite a while now. Isaac has been talking about living abroad for a few years now (originally Australia but I had to veto that one because I can't risk being in any kinda proximity to huge spiders or other creepy crawlies - oh, and I wanted to be closer to family) so he starting focusing more on Europe. For a while, Norway was top of our list but, after a little more research, it seemed far too expensive. That is when we started to consider Germany. We visited Berlin last December and absolutely fell in love. We then returned in February as I had a job interview with EasyJet there (which I didn't get *sulks*). However, literally the day before we headed out on that trip in February, we discovered that we were expecting. And that seemed like the end of our plans. Like we would have to wait for at least another year for things to all settle down again.

But the more we carried on with life in our small town, the more stifled we felt. Everything seemed a bit boring. So, we had a talk and decided that maybe the move could still be possible. Despite disliking where I was living at the time, the thought of moving out here whilst being pregnant really terrified me. I was super reluctant but it felt like if we didn't do it now then we never would because we want to be settled somewhere for the kids to go to school in the future. So, we just did it. We said our goodbyes, packed up everything, and left. 

Two weeks later, we are finalising getting a flat in Bochum (kinda near Dortmund) and the work prospects are looking optimistic. Ava is enjoying the abundance of cheap ice cream and playparks. And I am enjoying brushing up on my German (despite being told a few times that I am not very good). 

So, we'll see what the future brings! We don't intend to stay here forever - I would love for the kids to go through British schooling and spend some time in Uganda too - but, for now, it is suiting us not too badly.

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