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Choosing The Perfect July Birthstone For Rings And Necklaces

We all have that friend that we never know what to buy for. They already have everything they could ever need and, when their birthday comes around, you are absolutely at a loss. But a great option - if they are into jewellery - is to consider their birthstone. It shows that you really took the time to choose something personal to them. 

July babies are true summer babies - a cancer at heart - and their birthstone really reflects that. The ruby is a beautiful, rich gem with a bold colour. It would even be perfect as an engagement ring for someone whose birthday is in July!

The July Birthstone: Ruby

Ruby is a beautiful stone steeped in meaning and good fortune. A ruby for centuries has been regarded as the stone of passion, courage and protection. Ever since 200 B.C, this precious stone was traded for valuable goods as they were deemed to bring about good luck and fortune to the owner.

Throughout history they were used for protection and to symbolise new life. Moreover, if your friend or family member knows anything about this birthstone and the meaning it carries, they will be thrilled to see it. The unique engagement rings you can get from Certified Diamond Network are truly one of kind. They feature a range of precious gemstones in a variety of cuts and shapes so you can choose the perfect one for your loved one.

The Ruby Shade

Ruby is a beautiful colour that immediately catches the eyes. It has power, strength and depth. Moreover, it looks great in a number of types of jewellery from necklaces to bracelets and rings. This means it really depends on what your receiver enjoys the most from their jewellery or maybe even what they are lacking from their current collection.

Rubies look like a royal red colour and the darker the ruby is, the more value it has in the market. However, some individuals tend to prefer the brighter and lighter ruby shades so this really comes down to personal preference.

The ruby shade is also very durable and is marked as a 9.0 on the durability scale meaning that they are great for an everyday wear. So if you wish to get your loved one who is born in July a ruby ring, you can do so without fear the stone is too delicate or prone to scratches. To know more about birthstones, a quick search on Google should lead you to articles providing the information you need.

Buying A Ruby

Rubies aren’t graded like other precious gemstones. This means it’s best to do your research before on the stones’ properties to get a good understanding of the quality of the ring first and foremost. Rubies are great as you can also buy stones at the lower end of the scale depending on the carat you choose. Just getting one-carat can have you looking at spending a few hundred dollars and it will still be great quality.

The ruby birthstone also looks great in cushion, round and oval shapes. These are the most common on the market so if your friend or loved one prefers these shapes, you should have no problem tracking one down. 

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