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How I Find Time To Blog As A Stay-At-Home Mum

As I write this, I am currently sat in Costa. Ava is at home with her dad and I am eating a big slice of carrot cake. Sounds like heaven, right? A rare bit of me time without having to worry about my coffee date having a screaming fit on the floor. I should be having the time of my life but, surprise surprise, I am absolutely consumed by mum guilt. As I went to leave the house, Ava saw me putting on my shoes and then went to the shoe rack, got her shoes, and passed them to me to put on her. When I ignored her request - feeling like a complete monster - she tried to shove her little toes into the shoes herself. And I almost couldn't leave her. But I did.

That is what trying to do anything outside of caring for your child is like. Every part of you goes into mumzilla mode and screams at you to drop everything and just snuggle that baby for the next four hours. Even though you know they are safe and happy with who you are leaving them with, you still know it isn't you. And you kinda want them to miss you like you miss them, right? But also that is your worst nightmare.

So, today I wanted to chat about how I find time to run this blog and create content and reply to a whole lot of emails whilst also being a stay at home mum to a rather energetic toddler.

Get your kid involved in photos
When Ava was newborn, it wasn't that difficult to find time to blog. I mean, I could put her down anywhere and she would most likely sleep or just lie there staring at things. But now she gets into everything. The second you open the laptop, she will pounce on you and start pushing all the keys like there's no tomorrow. And don't even get me started on trying to take flatlay photos when she is around. So, one solution I have found is getting her involved where I can. I know that trying to take perfect pictures in cafes or hotels that I am reviewing isn't feasible so I let Ava run around and get in the shot. I make her presence in the shot a feature of it rather than trying to keep her out of the way. I let her little hands find their way into flatlays and I embrace the madness.

Ask if events are kid-friendly
When I am invited to local events, whether I am able to attend usually depends on Isaac's work schedule. But, instead of just refusing if Isaac's work clashes with the event time, I have recently started asking if the event is kid-friendly. More often than not, it isn't (and sometimes it can be a bit daunting to think of turning up with an unpredictable toddler in tow) but it is also good to start creating this dialogue and possibly make those holding the events consider adapting to working mums in future. An example of a great kid-friendly event was the Britax Roemer event we attended in London last summer.

Utilise nap time
After a full morning of looking after your little one, it can often feel like the last thing you want to do is open your laptop and start typing but naptime is a great time to make use of. I usually use naptime to update social media and reply to emails as these don't require quite as much effort as writing up a post or shooting content but you are still ticking something off of your never-ending to-do-list. I then use the time in the evening when Ava is asleep for writing up posts and reading other people's blog posts.

Get out and about with your tripod
My tripod has been my saving grace over the last year and a half. It allows me to take outfit pictures and share the kind of content I want to without relying on Isaac to take my pictures for me. It gives me so much freedom and allows me to take control of my time and content. I tend to take Ava along with me, put her in her pushchair, and give her a bottle as I shoot a few pictures. It often means I only get between 5 - 8 shots but I have gotten to the stage now where the first three are usually the best anyway. I wrote a whole post about my top tips for shooting with a tripod recently so make sure you check that out.

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