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Pregnancy Diaries #3: Predictions

Tomorrow I am having my first scan and I am so nervous. I don't remember being this nervous the first time around. But, saying that, this pregnancy has been rather different to my first. I mean, I remember even saying in my first pregnancy that 'my body just knows how to be pregnant' because I hardly had any sickness (I know, I want to punch me too). This pregnancy has taught me that my body is just very mad at this whole situation and isn't doing much to keep that a secret from me. But, yknow what, I am starting to feel a bit better. So much so that I think I have my first craving: pickled onions. Those little things are insane. And crunchy. And gorgeous. Yum.

Anyway, I wanted to jot down a few predictions before I go for my scan tomorrow so that we can look back on them and either hail me as some kinda prophet or laugh at me. Probably the latter, to be fair.

So, when I first realised I was pregnant, I had a funny feeling that it may be twins because I had been ravenously hungry and had put on a fair amount of weight. The following weeks strengthened that thought because the intense nausea coupled with intense hunger made me think that there couldn't just be one baby in there causing this amount of disruption to my life. I thought I would probably have twin girls.

Now I have changed my mind. Now I think I am just carrying one baby. And I think it is a girl - a very big girl. I am predicting a huge child. I am so sure of it being a girl that I have already chosen a name.

So, by tomorrow, I will know just how many babies are living inside me but I won't know the sex for a little while yet. But, as I will be posting this in a few weeks, you guys will probably already have the answers anyway. So, drop a comment below laughing at me over my twins predictions (please, God, one baby is enough) or consoling me as I panic buy wooden planks from Homebase and attempt to build multiple cots for my offspring.

All jokes aside though, I kinda want to be a twin mum. Imagine the cute matching outfits.

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