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Is Fashion Blogging Making Me Shop More?

Guys, I need to come clean. I can't stop buying clothes from asos. It is like I open up my laptop and suddenly an hour has past, there are about 7 items in my basket, and my fingers are typing in my PayPal password without even consulting me. And it is starting to become a bit of an issue - especially as I keep telling my husband that all the parcels are brand collabs and he basically thinks I have become the new Zoella overnight.

The thing is, I love wearing something new. I love the feeling of a brand new dress or a cool tshirt. And, most notably, I love taking pictures in new stuff. I find this burst of motivation to produce better and more creative content when I have something hanging in my wardrobe that I haven't shared online before. And being able to share something that people will be able to click through and buy for themselves only makes the whole thing better. Not just because I can put an affiliate link but because I feel like I am engaging with you guys and directing you towards an item of clothing that is so cute that I want you all to own it too.

But it just isn't sustainable. I can't keep buying new clothes and using the excuse of being a fashion blogger because my bank balance is suffering and so is the environment. But sharing something that is new is such a big part of being a fashion blogger - and I think we kinda need to address this. The pressure to keep refreshing and updating your wardrobe so you are ahead of the trends and able to profit through affiliate marketing is real in the whole fashion blogger/influencer world. And I think this is especially true when you are just starting out - I mean, you are trying to grow your accounts so you feel like you have to prove that you're current and relevant and worthy of that follow.

And that is the trap I feel like I have fallen into - albeit slightly subconsciously. It is no secret that I would love to make an income from my blog and social media sites so that I could stay home with my baby (soon to be babies!) but getting there is heavily reliant on my follower count - especially on Instagram. And everyone knows pictures of people do best on Instagram. And people just like seeing outfits that they can go to shop and get themselves.

There is no real solution. Fashion blogging relies on fast fashion and I don't see that changing any time soon. But we can try to take a look at ourselves every so often and ask whether we need to make that many orders from asos in a week. Do we even like the clothes or are they just what is in? Do we already own something similar? In the words of the almighty Kondo, does it really spark joy? And sometimes post an outfit made up of old clothes just like the one I am wearing in these pictures (in fact, you can see the same dress in this blog post from my last pregnancy) because we need to start normalising the whole rewearing thing on social media.

What do you think? Has asos taken over your life too?

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  1. I feel like it definitely made me shop more!

    Danielle xx


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