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How I Found Out I Was Pregnant With Baby #2

The first huge indicator that I was pregnant came quite early on. Out of nowhere, my chocolate-loving self just couldn't stomach chocolate anymore. I mean, my first thought at that moment was 'wow, yeah, we're gonna have another baby' because it was so unusual for me. But, other than that, there were no big clues that anything was different. I hadn't been sick or felt more tired than usual (I'm always tired anyway so it's hard to tell). But as my period got later and later, I just knew that I was pregnant. I kept pushing the thought to the back of my mind but I couldn't stop that feeling. The feeling of knowing.

It was actually the day before our trip to Berlin that I took the pregnancy test that confirmed that I was, in fact, pregnant. We were in Cardiff for the day as we were flying from there the following morning and I had left Isaac changing Ava in the public toilets whilst I went to H&M to buy an outfit for an interview I had coming up. But this feeling of being pregnant and basically the desperation to know one way or another meant that I couldn't focus on anything. I kept telling myself that I should wait to find out until after the trip as a positive result will likely send us all into panic mode but, somehow, I found myself in Boots buying a pack of the cheapest pregnancy tests they had to offer just to do a little test. I took the tests to the same public loos - the exact cubicle! - that I had done my first test with Ava and decided to get it over and done with.

A faint line. Same as last time - a very faint line. So, I rushed back to H&M and pretended I had spent the whole time sizing up pencil skirts all whilst necking as much water as possible so I could do a second test. I eventually made my way to another set of loos and did the second test. Another faint line. There was no denying, these weren't negative tests.

It was then that I had to tell Isaac. In all honesty, I think he kinda already knew as he had seen me fidgeting around and worrying all day long. And, bless his heart, he panicked. A lot. But I get it - it seems like only yesterday that we had Ava and another child would totally change everything (but I am pleased to report that he is now very excited and the panic has worn off).

We headed back to Boots and got a digital test. I returned to the same loos again and this time there was no mistaking the result. 3 weeks pregnant.

I can't explain how I felt in that moment. Scared, of course, but not as scared as I was when I found out about Ava. I did worry about how I would cope with two young kids but, more than anything, I was kinda excited. The thought of Ava having a brother or sister seemed so wonderful to me and I felt like the timing wasn't too bad. I mean, a two year age gap isn't what we planned but it is nice all the same.

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  1. Aww I love reading stories about how people found out they were pregnant, the biggest congrats again to you all!

    Lucy | Forever September


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