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Breakfast Brioche & Unicorn Tea at Sara's Petite Cuisine, Topsham

I am a pretty easy-going girl - just give me a pastry and a hot drink and I am happy as can be. But if you happen to add gorgeous, pink interiors and some cute chinaware into the mix then best believe I will be beside myself - and mentally making notes to incorporate all of those things into my future home.

So, when we happened upon Sara's Petite Cuisine in Topsham on our way through to Exmouth the other day, you can imagine my joy. A cute café? Here? In Devon? Words failed me - well, other than the words I used to beg Isaac to take my picture from every angle in front of the pink shopfront. But, unfortunately, the café itself was closed on that day so the very next day, Ava and I made the trip back to Topsham to try this café out.

And, let me just say, we were impressed.

The interior of the café was just as cute as the exterior with a flower wall, a menu made of tile letters placed on the wall, and three round marble tables with velvet chairs surrounding them. There was a lovely selection of cakes and pastries. And the two women working there were so nice and friendly. Oh, and I spotted a bright pink Smeg fridge that I absolutely need in my life.

After awkwardly standing around umming and ahhing over what to get, I opted for the breakfast brioche which had an almondy, frangipane topping and fruits perched on top of it. I also got a hot chocolate to share with Ava and a pot of unicorn tea because when else am I ever going to be able to try unicorn tea? The hot chocolate was lovely and they made it only slightly warm so Ava could have it straight away (although she was more occupied with throwing Pom Bears in every direction). And the unicorn tea was indeed an experience. The lovely lady who served us poured it out for me and it came out blue - apparently it was some sort of pea leaves which have a slightly sweet but not overpowering flavour - and then she added lemon juice to my cup which created a swirl of purple in the middle. It looked amazing but the taste, for me, wasn't my cup of tea (pardon the pun). It was quite earthy and didn't have a huge amount of flavour but, for someone more refined who actually drinks herbal tea, this might have been a great experience. I am very happy I tried it though - even just for the visual effect.

Overall, I would definitely go back to Sara's Petite Cuisine. I loved the food and the décor but, with only three tables, it was quite small to navigate with a pushchair. Deffo one to keep in mind for mates dates in future though.

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