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An Ava Update

What with all the pregnancy posts I have been writing lately, I feel like this blog is starting to miss a little something. Or, should I say, a little someone? That someone being my tearaway toddler Ava!

Yes, the mum guilt even extends to which child I am choosing to write about on the blog. Even though I have kinda told myself to keep the Ava content limited, it's really about time that I write a whole post all about her, right? I mean, she is basically my shadow in real life so it is only fair to give her the opportunity to make herself known here too.

So, let's start with the basics. Last time I wrote about Ava, she had started weaning and wasn't having a great time with it (crazy as I can't seem to stop eating yet she can't seem to even start). Unfortunately, not much has changed. She just hates food (apart from chocolate obvs) and it does still feel like a bit of a battle to get her to eat as much as I would like her to but now, I guess, I have gotten used to her patterns and know how and when she is most likely to eat more and we just work with that. And, if all else fails, I tell her that slice of roast beef in front of her is made of chocolate and watch her shove it into her mouth and swallow it whole before realising it definitely isn't chocolate. Parenting 101.

She is doing pretty fab with the other milestones though. She is walking really well - if we go out just in our town, we leave the buggy home and just put her harness on her to avoid her running for the hills the second I open the front door (kinda insulting really). And her speech is getting there. She has started saying 'no' very occasionally (including when anyone other than her tries to hug me) and she also knows 'hi', 'bye', 'baby', 'three', and 'bird'. She understands a lot more though. I can give her instructions like to put her shoes on and she will go and get her shoes and Isaac and I have to now spell out some words in case she hears them (like when it is nearing bedtime and I ask Isaac to prepare her M-I-L-K which she will demand the second she knows it is coming her way).

I am absolutely loving this age because her character is really shining through - and what a character she is! She is the most confident child you will ever meet. She says 'hi' to everyone in the street and runs up to cats and dogs saying 'awh babyyy' trying to cuddle them. She is an absolute delight to be around. That's not to say that she doesn't have her off moments. She can be very whingey when she isn't getting her own way but 9 times out of 10 a bit of Peppa Pig and a cuddle soon solves that.

One thing I wasn't prepared for though was quite how much energy she has. She wants to walk everywhere and will rarely sit down quietly and watch TV for longer than ten minutes. She loves being on the go and taking everything in. Which, as you can imagine, is lovely but totally exhausting for me too.

Looking forward
I don't think Ava has quite grasped the fact that her position as only child is soon to be toppled. She does kiss my bump and say 'baby' but she also flashes her belly at anyone and everyone saying 'baby' too so I can't really count that as her totally getting this whole pregnancy thing. She loves babies though so I am confident she won't be too unhappy when the baby does arrive. My only worry is that she is quite possessive over me and likes to have my full attention so I'm unsure how she will take to having to share my time a bit more. We are considering starting her in nursery soon so she gets used to not always having me by her side 24/7 and so she can have more interaction with other kids.

But, in case you haven't guessed it yet, I think Ava is pretty awesome (I know all mums think that about their kids) and I feel truly blessed to have such a lovely little lady in my life - and constantly by my side.

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