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Pregnancy Diaries #2: Coming To You Live From My Bathroom Floor

Warning: this post is basically all about vomiting. If you're not into that kinda thing, lemme refer you to one of my nicer posts. Like this Devon travel guide. Or this one about weddings.

You may remember a few weeks ago, I had horrible nausea near-on constantly and absolutely hated life. Well, I am happy to say that I am finally past the nausea as I have reached the 12 week mark. But I am less happy to tell you that it has been replaced with a whole lot of vomiting. Today I vomited because a dog in a TV show was called 'salty'. I mean, yeah, 'salty' is a minging name but did it call for that kinda reaction? Apparently my body thought so.

I honestly don't know what is worse - feeling constantly nauseated or feeling ok but being sick like 5 times a day. I hate going anywhere at the moment because literally anything could set me off and then I have like 5 seconds to run to a bathroom or into the street before I am ill. It is just horrible.

But it has taught me a couple of things. First of all, doner kebabs should not be the food of choice in the first trimester. Nor frappes. And definitely not all you can eat buffets. Trust me, it is just not worth it. Secondly, getting hold of a midwife at this stage is a real struggle. I know, the NHS are doing their best in the awful situation they're in but when I have been sick 4 times in 10 minutes, I kinda just want someone to answer the phone and give me some kinda guidance. Before I sick up a lung or something.

So, yeah, here's hoping my next entry will be a lot more joyous (it should be a predictions one or maybe one about my first scan that is coming up later this week). In the mean time, please send sympathy and/or chocolate.

Edit: thank you for all your lovely messages on my previous pregnancy diary entry. Thankfully, these instalments were written a few weeks back and I am currently feeling a lot better as I am now around the 16 week mark.

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  1. I really hope the rest of the pregnancy goes smoothly for you!

  2. I'm glad you're past the nausea stage! Seeing people announce their having a baby, or any type of pregnancy post is sending me so broody haha. Wishing you all the best throughout your pregnancy :-)


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