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Pregnancy Diaries #1: Morning Sickness Woes

If you are reading this, I have survived this dreadful bout of morning sickness. Or someone has uncovered my body collapsed in a pile of ginger nut biscuit wrappers and chunks of cheddar cheese and then obtained access to my computer to post this for me. I am hoping for the former but, two weeks in and without an end in sight, the latter doesn't sound all that bad either.

Yes, morning sickness is kicking my arse - worse than it ever was with Ava. So, I have turned to the internet for sympathy as I sit on my bed with gifted ad items to one side of me that I am yet to photograph and a very messy front room and kitchen just through the door on the other side of me that I am yet to clean. And I am feeling very sorry for myself. And also kinda like I want to order an Indian takeaway at 2pm in the afternoon. But also like I would gag the second I smelt it.

I am currently 8 weeks pregnant and have been to a pharmacist twice to beg for any form of relief/horse tranquilisers/my will to live. Apparently all I need is just ginger. Ginger makes me gag. So, there's that. I am feeling nauseated all of the time. I feel especially bad when I am hungry. But also when I am full. But the nausea that I get when I am hungry doesn't die down until I am absolutely full. Then the nausea from feeling full kicks in about ten minutes later. So, basically, my body hates me, this baby is already out for revenge at the ripe old age of two months (for what, I am unsure but it is very clear this baby has a vendetta against me), and Ava is pretty confused about the sheer amount of time I spend lying on the floor groaning these days.

Hopefully the next time I sit down to write up one of these diary entries, I will be past the morning sickness, my pasty green complexion will have been swapped for that pregnancy glow, and I will be pretty much a maternal goddess with a cute bump and even cuter clothes. Here's hoping.

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  1. Hope you'll feel a lot better soon! Also excited to see your angel!

    The Flower Duet

  2. I hope you move past the morning sickness soon sweetie!

    Danielle xx

  3. Awn I hope you move past the worst of it soon!

    Miriam xxx

  4. I hope the morning sickness dies down sooner rather than later lovely!

    Lucy |


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