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My Fave Independent Coffee Shops In Exeter

As I get older, there are things that I am finding myself appreciating more and more. Things like evenings in spark a level of joy inside me that my teenage self would have sneered at but, in all honesty, there is nothing quite like putting on my PJs and slippers as I settle down in front of the TV for an evening of American comedy reruns. I have also come to realise the awesomeness of garden centres - and the huge candle sections within them. And, most notably, I have become a bit of a coffee fiend. Gone are the days that coffee shops were just a place to pick up a frappe and/or slab of chocolate cake. Now they are basically my second home and I love tracking down new places to try out. So, I thought I would share some of the hidden gems that I have uncovered in my local city in case you are ever around here and in need of caffeination.

Sacred Grounds
Sacred Grounds is located in McCoy's Arcade just down the hill heading towards St Thomas (or Pizza Hut, depending on your priorities) and it is an absolute wonder. The whole café is completely plant based but, as a non-vegan, there really is something for everyone. They do all kinds of coffees (even beetroot lattes!) and things like waffles, sandwiches, and smorgasbords. Their seating stretches out into the main arcade area which I love as it means that I can put Ava in a high chair and not worry about her noisiness disturbing anyone (she is a real chatterbox). The whole place is so instragrammable and absolutely lovely. Personally, I always opt for a hot chocolate (they make it with oat milk) when I go there because it is divine but their iced coffees are insane as well.

March Coffee
March Coffee is a coffee shop that I actually came across on Instagram but had never even seen in real life. But once I did track it down, I couldn't stop going back. For one big reason: they make their own donuts. And they are insane. Everyday they have different flavours - everything from classic jam to passionfruit meringue. You never know what you are gonna find there. And the interior is just gorgeous. It has a real industrial feel with lots of plants scattered around and pops of colour from the blue tableware. I absolutely adore this place and am ever grateful to Instagram for, once again, leading me in the direction of the best cafes (and donuts).

Ebdon's Refreshments
Ebdon's is the kinda place I love to hide away in on a rainy day. Everyone who works there is so friendly and helpful and the whole place has such a homely, calm vibe. They do lush coffees, a selection of foods like soups and salads, and delicious cakes. But my favourite thing about Ebdon's is that they have a delicatessen stocked full of so many different types of cheese - a lot of which are locally produced.

Pink Moon
I felt like I had to put Pink Moon on this list too despite me only having visited it once. Pink Moon opened last week near Exeter Central station and I felt my jaw hit the ground as I caught sight of it on my walk past. The decor is just so instragrammable - and very pink! I went with Ava and got a hot chocolate and she loved running around introducing herself to everyone who worked there and posing for a couple of pics too (what a baby blogger). I will definitely be going back soon to try more of their menu - and to get some more cute pics!

Have I missed any off of the list? Which are your favourites?

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