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Allowing Your Blog To Grow With You

Since I found out I was pregnant with baby #2, all I have felt like writing is parenting content. I have several instalments of my pregnancy diaries sat in my drafts just waiting for the pictures to accompany them as well as think pieces about our journey into the unknown world of being a family of four and even a little bit of pregnancy fashion too. But something has been holding me back from posting all of this.

I have written before about not wanting to become a mummy blogger and, at the time, that was because I didn't want my whole online presence and 'brand' to be centred around my child and my relationship with her. I didn't feel comfortable sharing that much online. And, in all honesty, I still don't. I don't share a huge amount of pictures of Ava and the pictures I do take, I like to be organic and spontaneous rather than trying to get her to pose a certain way for a shot. And this is mostly for the same reasons - I don't want my blog and social media sites to always be The Ava Show. I don't want my whole brand to be reliant on my child co-operating to take pictures with me on a regular basis. I mean, I take my hat off to all the insta-mums out there because getting Ava to sit still for 30 seconds is an absolute task and it usually ends with me chasing her around the house trying to get my camera back before she smashes it. I just don't have to patience for it (*cut to hormonal me sobbing surrounded by flatlay props as my toddler rips the heads off of a whole £8 bouquet of flowers*).

But the other thing holding me back is that I don't think the content I am writing fits the demographic of my audience. I mean, most of my audience are women in their twenties and I can bet that most of them are young professionals rather than stay-at-home mums like me. My fear is that I will lose all the followers I have if I change up my content and start sharing more mum stuff on here.

That's when it hit me. Including parenting content on my blog doesn't mean I have to commit to being a mummy blogger. I don't even have to put a label on what niche I fit into. I started this blog when I was at sixth form. I am now married and a soon-to-be mum of two. My whole world is so different now and I can't still be creating them same content now as I did back then. I have to be free to let my blog grow with me rather than writing what I think will be well-received.

I think we all need to take stock a bit when it comes to our blogs and remember that they are ours and we dictate what we write about. We need to be creating content that we are passionate about rather than what we think will perform well. And we need to remember how fun blogging was when we started out and try to recapture that fun and excitement if it has started to fade.

How has your blog changed since you started it?

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  1. Completely agree! Don't worry at all about creating what you think is interesting for others, do it for you & make it your online diary - like how I feel blogging used to be :)

    Claire x


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