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What My Digital Detox Taught Me

Over the last month, I have been on a bit of a spontaneous digital detox. Which is very unlike me. I think Instagram's head office were on the brink of calling me up like 'u ok hun?' because it was frankly so out of character for my social media obsessed self. But, yknow what, it was liberating. And relaxing. And so necessary. 

It all started when I got a little bit ill and couldn't physically get up and create the content that I needed in order to post on social media and this blog. And then something kinda clicked in me - an epiphany, laziness idk - and I just didn't want to do any of it anymore. I loved allowing myself that time to just focus on doing the bare essentials and I kinda didn't want it to be over. I didn't want to get my tripod out again nor attempt to conquer my mountainous inbox. In all honesty, I didn't want that pressure again. I didn't want to be a girl boss or keep hustling day and night - I just wanted to chill out. I needed a break - a real break - and it took me being off my feet for a few days to realise that.

Towards the end of the month, my motivation to start posting again picked back up and I was excited to get back online. But, this time, I decided that I wouldn't put pressure on myself like before. I decided that I needed to post what made me happy rather than posting for likes or followers. And I am happier now. I don't feel the need to always post pictures of just myself on Instagram (we all know pics of people do best) when I can post pics of cakes and pastries and cakes. And I am trying to avoid looking at my analytics and stats anymore. I want to take all of this back to its roots - that is what I learnt on my digital detox. I learnt that I had lost my way with blogging and social media and that I was creating for others rather than for myself. What had started as a hobby had ceased to be fun - and that is what I want to rectify. 

From here on in, I don't want to be chasing milestones or forcing myself to go shoot outfit pics when I would rather cuddle up on the sofa with Ava and watch Brooklyn 99. I am choosing joy in all its forms. And sharing that joy online - whether it is insta-perfect or not. 

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  1. I’m so glad to have my big sister back on the Internet. I missed seeing your pretty face and Ava’s cute face on my screen. I haven’t taken a digital detox but I’ve stepped back from instagram and I’ve started putting my energy into my other platforms and building my presence elsewhere e.g. Twitter and by starting a podcast. You’re more than just a blogger, we should be building all our platforms instead of putting our all our eggs into Instagram. All the changes with the Instagram algorithm make it so hard to grow and get engagement , it can be so disheartening and leave you feeling inadequate. I really enjoyed reading about your digital detox and it’s definitely something I need to do soon, completely log out of all my socials and just enjoy living life in the moment again with no pressure to perform.

    Fran |


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