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Why Mum Style Is Important To Me

A month after I gave birth to Ava, I went for a hair cut. I had been wearing it up for months - day and night - and I only really took it down to wash it. It was an inconvenience to me. It kept getting in the way when I was struggling with an underweight newborn who didn't want to breastfeed and washing and styling it took up a lot of precious spare time. I decided to get almost all of it cut off because a huge knot had formed at the back due to my slap-dash approach to haircare. At that time, I very rarely wore any makeup and I was still wearing maternity jeans and a jumper that my bump had stretched out. My style was practical and functional - but it wasn't me.

Around Christmastime, I remember going shopping for new clothes. I wasn't happy about having to buy clothes that were 5 sizes larger than my pre-pregnancy size but I felt a little better about myself - a little more like me - when I put on something that felt a bit more put together. As superficial as it seems, putting on a little bit of foundation and taking ten minutes to do nothing other than look in the mirror and style my hair or pluck my eyebrows made me feel good.

The thing is, as mums, we are almost always looking after someone else. Whether we are mums to newborns who are fully reliant on us for literally everything or older kids who need their packed lunches made and PE kits washed, there is always another job to do. Taking time out to focus on ourselves can feel a little selfish but, for me, it was so necessary.

That is why I set up the Instagram page Mum Style Files. When I see a mum who has taken time to put together a look and feels so good about themselves that she shares it online, I want to share that. I want everyone to celebrate with her - tell her how great she looks. As mums, we can be so hard on ourselves and, more upsettingly, on each other. But we should be encouraging each other. Supporting each other. Telling each other how incredible they are and how they are doing an amazing job. Becoming a mum is a massive change and we often act like we are coping much better than we actually are. We carry on because it is sink or swim but sometimes we want to know we have people by our sides that believe in us. And even if that is just by paying someone a small compliment when they make an effort, that is definitely better than nothing. 

What's the biggest compliment you have received since becoming a mum?


  1. Aww such a precious blog post, so lovely to see your pictures!

    Danielle xx

  2. This is such a cute post, I love seeing Ava, she's adorable! It must be so hard to still look put together yourself while also having to take care of a little baby. I salute all the mothers who are able to do so. You look super cosy in this outfit babe, definitely something I would wear too! xx Laura

  3. I'm not a mum but I really loved reading this! Your daughter is so adorable too!
    Ellie x

  4. That is such a lovely idea- I'm not a Mum but I can certainly relate to the boosted feelings makeup and a nice outfit can provide sometime. Glad you're looking after yourself whilst still raising an absolutely adorable baby! x


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