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Why It's OK To Have An Unproductive Day

I am a doer. I love doing stuff. Having a full schedule is something that fills me with joy and I pretty much always have a new idea or new project that has sprung up out of nowhere and taken over my whole life. I wasn't always like this though - ask my uni housemates who can vouch for the fact that they very rarely saw me unless I was skulking out of my room to answer the door to a takeaway delivery person because I spent so much time sleeping/watching reruns of trashy TV. But, over the last few years, I have caught the motivation bug in a big way. And that comes with a whole new world of guilt - and not the kind of guilt that you feel when you miss 3 days worth of lectures then get a message from a distant relative saying how proud they are of you. I am talking about the unproductive days guilt. The 6pm 'ah I wish I had gotten those pictures taken earlier rather than sitting around eating cake' kinda guilt. The guilt you get when you have only ticked off three things from your extensive two page to-do-list and now all you want is to go to bed. 

But I have recently come to terms with the fact that having the occasional unproductive day is totally ok - healthy, even. Sometimes when your brain just can't think of another blog idea or Instagram caption or exciting new concept for a blog series, it is because it is exhausted and is trying to tell you that it needs a break. And you probably need a break too. 

Our society always wants us to be on. We have to always be chasing the next big thing or working on something new and exciting. We often feel defined by what we are achieving so it is easy to get caught up in overworking ourselves and justifying it by calling it hustling. And, when we compare where we are with someone who is where we want to be, we allow that comparison to fuel our desire to work and work until we burn out. But it is only now that I have learnt that hustling is not the same as overworking. Hustling is knowing where you want to be, focusing on it, and working to achieve your goals. It is not forcing your brain to work harder than it can. And it is certainly not beating yourself up for having a day off to just relax and enjoy yourself - and enjoy the company of the people in your life. 

So, here I am, telling you to have a day off. Go to the Chinese buffet and eat as many prawn toasts are you can manage. Laugh with the people you love. And don't think about work. Your to-do-list will still be there tomorrow and your dreams will still be achievable even if you sign off from hustling for a day. 

Your future is as bright as the sun was in these pictures.

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