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Shooting With A Tripod: My Top Tips

Since this blog was born back in 2013, I have used many methods to take my outfit pictures. Everything from mirror selfies to getting my dad to shoot my pics in the garden back in 2015 (you can actually see them here lol) and, more recently, coercing my husband into using all his free time taking a whole lot of photos of yours truly. Well, that is until he got busy with work and I worked out how to extend the legs on my tripod that I had owned for about a year at that point (I'm not much of a logical thinker ok). Since then, I have been taking Ava out in the pushchair with the tripod and camera stuffed underneath and shooting my shots wherever I can - sometimes even in the rain because I am one dedicated woman (who may have a slight Instagram addiction). Ava just sits there laughing at me as I twirl around in front of the camera then self-consciously pretend to scroll through my phone as people walk past but, I have to say, I have kinda got the hang of this whole tripod thing and can usually get a few good shots in under ten minutes. So, I thought I would share a few pointers.

Remember why you are doing it 
Something I have been hearing a lot lately is people talking about their 'why' and about keeping it at the front of your mind and I think that is kinda true of shooting with a tripod too - you have to remember why you're there and what you want to achieve. Personally, I am mega shy and awkward so anything where I could make myself look silly in public is a no-go area but shooting by yourself can kinda set you up for this. You almost have to embrace that you look a bit weird and just remember the reason you're doing it. Be it to improve your blog or delve into fashion more, build a model portfolio, or just get some pics for the gram - just keep it in your mind because it is so easy to let one odd look off a stranger knock your confidence and make you pack up and head home.

Know your location
Researching the location you want to shoot at is fairly important as you will probably be there alone so you need to know the place you're at and if there are any rules or restrictions in terms of photography and filming. I know places like government buildings or royal buildings sometimes have restrictions so be sure to check before you head out to shoot. And, if you are shooting in a residential area, be a bit wary of the fact that some people don't like you taking pictures outside their house/sat on their doorstep. Also knowing whether a place has a lot of people passing by and which times are more quiet can help you not get interrupted too much - and not have too many people to edit out of the background later on.

Have fun with it
Over the last four or five months that I have been shooting with a tripod, I have built up way more confidence than I thought possible. And I do enjoy taking pictures this way. I love that I have absolute creative direction over the shots and that gives me so much more opportunity to try new things. I have recently been experimenting with movement and it is still totally a work in progress but I love being able to explore new things and retake a shot twenty times over if I choose to.

Have an excuse
One tip I came across online when I first started was that you should tell people that you are doing a photography course and that really helped me to overcome my nerves. The fact that I had something to say that I felt was really legit if anyone asked me what I was doing gave me a bit of confidence. And no one ever questioned it.

Experiment with different angles
Shooting with a tripod is totally different to having your photo taken by someone else because the tripod can't move around and find the right angle for you - you have to do all the hard work yourself. But it also means you can experiment too. Instead of just taking head-on shots, try shots from above and below. Try out different things and keeping looking at the pictures as you take them. See what is working well and what you can do differently.

Have you ever tried shooting with a tripod?


  1. I love this!! I really want to try and shoot more with my tripod but it's so scary. I remember you saying on instagram about the tip of telling people you're doing a photography course, i have always kept that excuse in my head, even when shooting with other people!

  2. I love this post, I feel like it is going to help me out so much!

    Danielle xx

  3. I love this! I really want to try and shoot more with my tripod but I also find it so scary! It's so smart to tell people you're doing a photography course. This really makes me want to try shooting outside with a tripod again! :) xx

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