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Can You Make It As A Blogger If You Suck At Instagram?

At the start of the year, I told myself that this would be my year. Despite my sudden dissipation of all ability to write literally anything (and consequential existential crisis), I set myself the task of noting down a few goals. Blogging goals. And one big one was to focus more on Instagram. And, let me tell you, in the two weeks that I have been focusing on Instagram, I have probably had more meltdowns than in my previous 22 years of life.

Almost everyday over the past two weeks, my husband got in from work faced with me looking rather bedraggled brandishing a phone filled with at least 8 edits of the same photo which I then go on to show him and explain each edit in finite detail before he even had the chance to take off his shoes. In these two weeks, Instagram has slowly become my world. Whether it is going out shooting pics with my tripod, editing said pics using multiple presets and filters to try to discover my theme (God help us, don't get me started on the damn themes), or painstakingly analysing insights to try to crack the insta code, I have been living and breathing Insta-nonsense for a solid two weeks.

And what I have discovered? I suck at Instagram. I really do. My mind doesn't work in a way where I can envision how to put components of a shot together to make it look incredible and effortless. My caption skills are hugely subpar. And I am just kinda fed up of trying to curate a feed that shows this perfect life where I wear skirts that flutter in the wind and I eat stacks of pancakes for every meal and I basically live in a hipster café in Shoreditch drinking pink coffee with rose petals sprinkled on it for literally no reason. Instagram is exhausting. Pretending is exhausting. And trying to grow your Instagram account is so exhausting is should be considered an Olympic sport.

Don't get me wrong, I love Instagram. I love the people that I follow there and insta-stories that make me snort with laughter when I'm on public transport and seeing people feel so good about themselves that they share their selfies and outfit shots online because they know they look cute. I love all that. But since I have started to focus on growing my account, it has all felt so much more convoluted. So much less like fun and so much more like trying to pretend I am always having fun.

And I do love creating content. I love shooting pics and I even enjoy editing but doing that for Instagram is a different story. In the last two weeks, I have gained followers faster than ever before. I went from being stuck at 1400 for literally months to speeding up to almost 1700. On average, I have gained about 15 new followers from each post (don't run the maths pls, I'm just an English grad) but you want to know the funny thing? Instagram is showing my content to literally no one. I went from gaining no new followers and averaging 180 likes per post to gaining followers but only getting like 80 likes per post. So it totally looks like I am just buying followers like some sneaky insta-snake.

There is just no formula to winning with Instagram. You can put in the effort and Instagram cuts your engagement by about 4x or you can chill and slowly lose all your followers.

And I know I am probably overthinking this but Instagram has become so entwined with blogging and it feels like our success as influencers is merely based on how quickly we are able to grow our account before the bubble bursts and everyone moves onto the hot new thing. And, yes, social media is meant to be fun but when your career goals are so connected with the rise or fall of that follower number, it kinda starts to mess with your head.

Instagram is great. No, really. There is so much scope for creative freedom and opportunities to build friendships with likeminded people (and look at pics of cute cats) but until our value as bloggers stops being pretty much defined by our follower count, we are all kinda stuck dancing to the algorithm's tune.


  1. I feel like the only blogger who doesn't take Instagram too seriously. I used to plan posts meticulously, I just realised that life was far too short for that!

    Danielle xx

  2. I just can't be bothered with Instagram after the changed it out of chronological order. I ended up creating a new account on which I solely follow bloggers just so that I could keep up with their content and support as many people as possible but it is just tiring. I feel I should be posting often and I just don't understand how many bloggers are getting a work/life balance. Thank you for being so honest, I also - truly - suck at insta x

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