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All The Christmassy Things I Want To Do This December

I have always been one of those people who are really into Christmas. Everything about it is just so magical - towns and cities transforming into winter wonderlands, the abundance of gingerbread, the old films that make you feel all cosy inside, and - most importantly - the amount of stuffing and sausage balls you are encouraged to eat. It truly is the most wonderful time of the year and, with Ava being a big girl of one now, I am excited to share this holiday with her since last year she was only a month old and couldn't really get into the Christmas spirit. So, I have put together a bit of a festive bucket list of all the things I want us to do over the next month and I will hopefully be able to share us ticking them off with you guys.

Go to all the Christmas markets
Back when I was 16, I travelled to Cologne with my auntie for a few days of festive fun and my favourite bit of the whole trip was definitely the Christmas markets. I loved all the handmade nick-nacks and the big gingerbread hearts with 'ich leibe Koeln' scrawled across them. It felt so Christmassy and so unlike anything I had experienced here (I mean, church fetes can't really compete with that). Since then, Christmas markets have become a huge thing here in the UK and I am so much for it. I love how it gives small businesses a platform to sell to more people and, not gonna lie, I love how churros have become synonymous with the whole UK Christmas market experience. This year, I want to explore more Christmas markets. And maybe Ava could even try her first churro.

Buy Christmas presents from small businesses
As per usual, I am on a budget but I want to try my very best to buy at least a few things from local businesses - even if it is just a card. And I think presents from these kinda shops are so much nicer to receive too as the things you find tend to be a little more unusual and interesting than your run-of-the-mill Lynx Africa gift set. So, if you are able, jump onto Etsy or pop into that little gift shop in town and check out what they have to offer. And, if you are stuck for ideas, check out my independent business gift guide (cheeky little plug).

Bake festive snacks
After a good few months without a working oven, we finally got it fixed! Well, Isaac pushed a button inside the oven and now we just cautiously cook stuff and hope it won't explode. But one good thing about having an oven - however much of a health hazard it may be - is that I can finally get back again! And my list of goodies I am planning to make is pretty extensive. Right at the top, we have mince pies. But we also have a few wildcards like chocolate orange cookie bars and whoopie pies. Watch this space, pals.

Establish some Christmas traditions 
Isaac isn't a huge fan of Christmas so the buck really falls to me to create some family traditions (other than talking about how capitalism is destroying the world - Isaac has that one well and truly covered). I am thinking of getting Ava and I matching Christmas PJs, putting up decorations together, and maybe even hosting a huge Christmas Eve feast. Either way, I want to truly embrace the Christmas spirit - especially as this is Ava's first Christmas that she can be truly involved.

Drink all of the festive drinks
Now I am not the kinda girl who gets excited over a glass of sherry or an espresso martini but what does get my heart racing is a fancy hot choc. Especially when it comes with cream, marshmallows, and even a candy cane. Costa's orange hot choc is the current front-runner but I may have to test a few more - just, yknow, for market research and that.

Put together stockings for Ava and Isaac
I have such fond memories of waking up at like 3am on Christmas morning, shaking my brother awake, then running into my parent's room - stocking in hand - to unwrap the goodies I had been given. I loved all the little gifts - but maybe not the one tangerine that was always at the bottom of the stocking - and I want to carry this on for Isaac and Ava. Yes, Isaac is a grown man but he needs all the festive joy he can get. And Ava will likely just try to eat all the wrapping paper but is it really Christmas without one family member sicking up a gift bow?

What does your December to-do list look like?

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  1. I hope the Christmas Hot Chocolate testing is going brilliantly and that you have a wonderful Christmas break with your gorgeous family. Ava seems to be getting cuter by the minute :) xxx


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